How To Fold Shirts Without Wrinkling

by Rosie Narasaki
Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Is there anything more annoying than a wrinkled T-shirt? I mean, basically the whole point of them is to be low maintenance, so there's no way you're going to want to iron it. So, how can you fold shirts without wrinkling? After all, it's not as if you want to take up precious closet space up by sticking your T-shirts on hangers (besides which, hanging your shirts might stretch them out) — so there's got to be an easier solution out there, right?

Well luckily for us all, there are answers out there — in fact, there are actually a fair amount of handy tips out there on how to best fold your shirts to avoid the dreaded wrinkles. You can roll them, you can KonMari them — it all comes down to personal preference (and maybe bureau size/shape). At any rate, all the folding tips will come in handy at some point — some are even perfect for saving precious space in a woefully small carry-on approved suitcase when you're traveling.

So, where to get started? Let's take a quick look at some of the wrinkle-free T-shirt folding tips the Internet has to offer! And hey, even if wrinkles aren't a concern, it'll be nice to have the neatest T-shirt drawer on the block.

The Rolling Method

Popular with packing, since it eliminates space, the rolling method is also great for reducing wrinkles. There's a reason this is how they store their shirts in the military!

The Japanese Method

Remember when this method got really popular maybe a decade or so ago? Even lifestyle guru Martha Stewart endorsed it. Its popularity may have faded slightly over the years, but it's still every bit as reliable when it comes to producing crisply-folded shirts.

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The Flip Fold Method

If you're feeling really fancy, you can always invest in a FlipFold — keeping your shirts perfectly uniformly folded can help keep things organized.

FlipFOLD Laundry Folder, $25, The Container Store

The KonMari Method

The KonMari method of folding clothes is another great space-saver that'll keep your T-shirts looking extra sharp.

So, there you have it — your pick of the litter of handy folding methods to help reduce wrinkles (and just in the nick of time to catch the tail end of spring cleaning, eh?).

Image: Spencer Platt/Getty Images, Courtesy Brand