Jonathan Cheban's Snapchat Will Make You Hungry AF

Kim Kardashian BFF and konstant Kardashian fixture Jonathan Cheban is more than just a Keeping Up With the Kardashians prop and B-list reality star. In fact, he's cultivated a pretty compelling social media presence, particularly on Snapchat. Believe it or not, Cheban even helped to get the whole rainbow bagel craze started after he shared photos of the colorful confections on the app — and that was just one of the many decadent, delicious, and mouth-watering meals he's consumed and shared with the public. So, what is Jonathan Cheban's Snapchat username? Add "JonathanCheban" to your friends' list immediately to start being Charmed by the Cheban (TM).

While it took Kim Kardashian way too long to get the app (and even Snapchat Queen Kylie Jenner has only become so enamored with that #FilterLife within the past year or so), Jonathan Cheban has been killin' it on Snapchat since 2014. And his Snaps are usually filled with food porn, as the self-proclaimed #FoodGod frequently shares various photos and videos of himself eating Food Network-worthy items. Just a warning: You'll probably drool at some point while watching his Snap story.

Almost as good as the food snaps he posts are the reactions to the food snaps he posts, since his fans (and critics) are hilariously outspoken in regards to Cheban on Snapchat:

While Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian's Snaps make fans want to fabulously wealthy and even more fabulously famous, Jonathan Cheban's Snaps will only make you feel one thing: Hungry AF. One thing's for sure: Following Jonathan Cheban on Snapchat will make you crave things like rainbow bagels, gold donuts (seriously), and other assorted desserts you didn't even know you wanted until his Snaps entered your life.

Go forth and eat!