Emma Stone Just Made This Olympian's Day

Here in America we worship celebrity. The vast majority of these people come from their time onscreen in film and/or television, but a unique slice of that fame pie goes to athletes. Unlike the ones in the NFL or the NBA, however, olympians aren't in the spotlight 24/7 — it's pretty much every couple of years and then the scattered wheaties commercial or TV guest spot, unless you're Ryan Lochte. And so it is that when Emma Stone wished Nick Goepper good luck in his time at the Sochi games, some adorable blushing and general starry eyes occured.

Goepper, who's a skier for the USA olympic team, is a big fan of Stone's (seeing as he has eyes and ears and a heart not made of stone), and so as a treat US Weekly set up a greeting to him from her. It's rather fleeting — her bit's literally just a "I just wanted to say hi to Nick and good luck to all of the Winter Olympians" — but it's still cute and awkward.

Goepper is likely still acclimating to the growing hordes of people who are learning his name as these olympics forge on, so it's cute to see Stone's variety of fame meet with his fledgling variety of fame.

You can witness this for yourself here.