Is This The Reason Kylie & Tyga Split?

Amid the loud, unmissable reports that the youngest couple in the Kardashian & Jenner realm have broken up, this time reportedly "for good," it's only natural that people are wondering exactly what caused Kylie Jenner & Tyga to break up. This isn't the pair's first time encountering a rough patch, with the rapper and the reality star first splitting back in November 2015, so it seems like their two-year relationship has seen its highs and lows. Neither Tyga nor Jenner have officially commented on the status of their relationship yet, but sources told People that there may be a reason behind the breakup, and it involves a couple of tweets... seriously.

According to People, Jenner had broken things off with Tyga "several weeks ago," with a brief reconciliation before the pair called things off for the final time this week. The anonymous source revealed, "Over and over again, she feels like she can't trust Tyga. There have been and continues to be too many lies," adding that the alleged straw to break the camel's back came as a result of Tyga's tweets after his ex-fiancee, Blac Chyna, revealed she was engaged to Rob Kardashian. The source told People that Jenner is allegedly upset that Tyga congratulated his ex on her engagement on social media.

Craig Barritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On April 5, after news broke that Kardashian and Chyna were engaged, the entire Kardashian & Jenner fam was noticeably silent on social media in congratulating the pair, even though they continued tweeting, 'gramming, and Snapchatting their day-to-day activities. Of all people, Tyga was the first to comment, congratulating them and saying that everyone deserves to be happy. He said,

It seems like a completely rational and thoughtful response to me, but allegedly, Jenner feels that Tyga violated an agreement not to publicly comment on the news. According to the source, "They had a deal to all stay quiet, and Kylie didn't like that Tyga decided to still comment."

Tyga also congratulated Chyna on her pregnancy, this time on Instagram, so it seems like he's overall genuinely happy for Chyna and Rob during these exciting moments in their lives.

If Tyga's tweets really were the reason behind this most recent split, then it's likely for the better that they take some time apart. The drama between Jenner and Tyga is honestly pretty dizzying, but it's par for the course in the world of all things Kardashian-Jenner.