Cute Professional Clothing You Need In Your Closet

Professional business attire doesn't have to be boring. In fact, there are several ways to dress stylish at the office without breaking any dress codes. It's all about choosing unique pieces that can blend in seamlessly with the rest of your wardrobe. Personally, I love reaching for bolder prints or more tailored pieces. To me, these options help to give a sense of definition to your style while still being both unique and modern.

If you're unsure about what type of professional wear to incorporate into your own wardrobe, then take your own work environment into consideration. While some offices allow more casual styles like jeans or T-shirts, others may keep a more strict policy. If you're unsure about which way your office leans with their dress code, then it's always safe to stay somewhere in the middle until you get a better sense of things. For instance, a flowing dress paired with a fitted blazer is an easy go-to style for any office environment. It's a simple outfit that is comfortable to wear, while still looking professional. Wondering what other pieces you should be incorporating into your work wear? Here are 13 cute, professional clothing options that you need in your closet.

1. Asymmetrical Pencil Skirt

Skirt, $36, NY and Company

From the crisp white color to the bold cut, this skirt is perfect for standing tall in the boardroom.

2. Silk Wrap Dress

Dress, $178, Madewell

A flowing wrap dress is a must-have for any professional businesswoman.

3. Midi Duster Coat

Coat, $99,

If you aren't a fan of the traditional blazer, step up your office style by donning a duster coat.

4. Draped Sleeve Blazer

Blazer, $145, Nordstrom

Make a statement by making your outwear the focus piece of your outfit.

5. Zip Detail Midi Skirt

Skirt, $60, Topshop

Give your office wear a sense of edge by wearing clothing with exposed hardware. This midi skirt by Topshop is an easy way to give your professional wear a unique twist.

6. Chambray Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit, $70, Zara

Who said comfort and style can't go together?

7. Lipstick Print Skirt

Skirt, $65, NY and Company

This quirky print is everything you need to add a bit of personal flare to your day-to-day office wear.

8. Tailored Jogger Pant

Pant, $57, ASOS

Make a change from traditional suit pants by wearing jogger pants instead. The tapered ankles are a cool way to give your outfit an edge.

9. Slim Fit Ankle Pant

Pants, $70, Express

Well-fitting trousers are essential for any professional wardrobe.

10. Tailored Shirtdress

Shirtdress, $56, The Limited

Shirtdresses are an absolute lifesaver on days that you're running a bit behind. These easy pieces look chic no matter what you pair them with.

11. Striped Circle Skirt

Skirt, $60, Modcloth

Stripes never go out of style.

12. Suede Culottes

Culottes, $128, Express

Upgrade your traditional culottes by finding a pair in a rich fabric like suede or silk. This simple choice will take your wardrobe from simple to sensational.

13. Linen Blazer

Blazer, $188, JCrew

Every powerful woman needs a powerful looking blazer.

14. Jewel Toned Dress

Dress, $60, Modcloth

Stand out from the crowd by wearing a bold, jewel toned dress.

15. Jacquard Embroidered Set

Coordinating Set, $168, Topshop

Wearing a matching set has never looked so chic.

16. Jacquard Jacket

Jacket, $98, The Limited

Spice up your office basics by adding a fun printed jacket over top. This bold piece will give your outfit an added sense of dimension and style.

17. Tube Dress

Dress, $70, Zara

Here's a dress that will help you to channel your inner Olivia Pope.

Now, go out there, and make Shonda Rhimes proud.

Images: Courtesy Brands