What We Really Look Like When We Wake Up

Ladies, tell ‘em / I woke up like this / I woke up like this.

Singing along with Beyonce’s “Flawless” and pretending that you wake up looking just like her is a fun dream, but we all know the reality. Bedhead, dried drool on the cheek, and weird creases on your face from the sheets aren’t exactly a red carpet look, but it’s kind of the way most of us look first thing in the morning.

Maybe Beyonce has a special team that primps her while she sleeps so that she wakes up looking just like the Grammy-winning goddess that she is, but I emerge from restful slumber looking like a swamp monster. If you fall more into the second camp than the first, two NYC-based comedians want you to know that it’s perfectly OK to not look like a supermodel first thing in the morning.

Emotistyle comedians Shamikah and Molly produce hilarious YouTube videos related to fashion and other lady-relevant topics. Their latest video, titled Morning Face, parodies Beyonce’s self-confident brag anthem in a pretty brilliant way.

Awesome. For the most part, I think that the parody echoes the themes of the song. In "Flawless," Beyonce practically orders you to tell all the dudes in your near vicinity that your beauty is natural and inherent and has nothing to do with the makeup or designer clothes you have on. To me, Beyonce is simply saying that she looks just as fly in wrinkled pajamas as she would a couture gown.

Either way, a lot of us still feel compelled to do all different kinds of beauty rituals to make ourselves “presentable” to the world. Those rituals are perfectly fine, but they aren’t a substitute for self-confidence and self-love, and I think that’s the message emotistyle (and Beyonce) are really trying to send.

And that’s a pretty awesome message. Parodies can sometimes be really offensive and gross, so it’s nice to see two artists building from another artist’s work to get out the important message of loving your fabulous self for the way you are, even when your breath is really rank. They're even encouraging women to catalogue how they look first thing in the morning with the hashtag #morningface. Doesn’t that give you the warm fuzzies?