Kylie's 'Exposed' Lip Kit Sold Out So Fast

by Jessica Willingham

The day has finally come: Kylie Cosmetics has restocked and with a completely new shade. But they weren't available for long. If you're wondering if Kylie's "Exposed" Lip Kit sold out, the answer is — you guessed it — yes.

Kylie Jenner announced on her app that the ninth matte liquid lipstick shade, "Exposed," would launch on her site during its restock today, May 13 at 3:30pm PST. The newbie is an ultra-nude, sandy brown shade with a cool undertone. Jenner first gave us a look on her personal Snapchat, and finally announced her launch plans on the same platform a couple days later. All the metal shades, "Heir," "Reign," and "King K," were restocked today, too.

As expected, "Exposed" sold out super quick. In fact, it was the first Lip Kit color to sell out on the site. It only took only nine minutes to sell out, right around the time more than 104,000 people were visiting the site, according to Jenner's Snapchat. The process seemed to go much more smoothly for shoppers this time around, with pages staying active and open throughout the user's experience. That's a big improvement: Some harsh criticism has come from past launches when people would check out only to be notified they didn't actually secure a product, or the site would crash so many times they were unable to check out at all. Nice work, Kylie Lip Kit team!

It looks like "Exposed" brought some good luck to Jenner this Friday the 13th launch.

However, if you didn't get your hands on this new shade, there are plenty of Exposed alternatives out there to try while you wait for the next launch.

Kylie Cosmetics Exposed, $29.00,

My guess? It'll be a Monday or Friday, and it'll be around 3pm PST. That seems to be the normal restocking time for Jenner and the team.

Images: Kylie Lip Kit