The One Skin Secret Barre3's Founder Swears By

by Sienna Fantozzi

You can use all of the most amazing skincare products in the world, but the secret to great skin doesn't just come out of a bottle or tube. Bustle spoke to Barre3 founder, Sadie Lincoln, and she revealed the one thing that completely transformed her skin. And the ballet-barre-meets-yoga-meets-pilates program creator's skin is literally flawless — like, you know when they say "glowing skin?" She's got it, so you might want to follow her advice.

Bustle's West Coast Fashion & Beauty Editor, Sara Tan, spoke to Sadie Lincoln at Create & Cultivate in Los Angeles on Saturday, and her secret to great skin is so simple, but arguably difficult for many. "For me, ditching coffee and going to green tea and drinking tons of water has been a game changer for my skin, more than any moisturizing or makeup product I have ever used," Lincoln says.

Ugh, give up coffee? That struggle is too real. But Lincoln swears it works, and it wasn't as painful as it sounds. "In the beginning, I’d have a little bit of coffee, but I’d also have green tea. Eventually, I weeded out coffee altogether because I actually preferred green tea and how it made me feel and how my skin felt. It became a preference versus a chore to do something that was healthier," Lincoln says.

OK, so that doesn't sound too terrible, and if you're just getting into green tea, Lincoln has some advice. "If you’re looking to become a bigger tea drinker, steep your tea for 20 seconds only — one minute at the most so it doesn’t get too bitter. Over time, when you develop a love and passion for green tea, you can steep it for as long as you want," Lincoln suggests. As far as what kind Lincoln loves, consider reaching for a Sencha or a Genmaicha.

Giving up coffee might actually be worth it when you check out what else green tea can do for your skin and body.

1. Fights Aging

Green tea's antioxidant benefits can help fight signs of aging, such as fine lines, age spots, sun damage, and sagging skin.

2. Combats Acne

Green tea has antibacterial agents that fight acne-causing bacteria and regulate hormonal imbalances. It's also anti-inflammatory, so it can reduce acne's inflammation.

3. Helps Your Hair Grow

Don't just pop your hair vitamins — drink your green tea, too. The high amount of antioxidants in green tea promotes hair growth.

4. Protects Against Sun Damage

That's not to say you can forgo sunscreen, but green tea helps protect your skin from the sun's UV rays, and the tannic acid, theobromine and polyphenols in it can also help soothe sunburned skin.

5. Makes Your Hair Shiny

Drinking it is great, but you can also make a hair mask out of green tea. High levels of panthenol and vitamins E and C contribute to shiny, conditioned hair.

If you're interested in learning more about barre3, you can head over to their website. They have studios across the country, but also offer classes online. Every Monday, they launch a new 30-minute workout led by a master trainer. Make sure to check it out!

Images: Barre3; Pexels