Rihanna's Gift To J. Lo Is Shoe Goals

by Marc Cuenco

I am always to happy to know which celebrities are actual friends IRL, but the news that Rihanna gave Jennifer Lopez her Manolo Blahnik boots for the "Ain't Your Mama" music video is beyond my wildest Hollywood dreams. Talk about gift goals! During her Facebook Q&A earlier this week, J. Lo revealed how she ended up wearing the infamous "9 to 5" boots designed by Rih herself.

"Rihanna had sent me these amazing boots and I was like, ‘These have to be in the video,’” Lopez said. "They were hard to dance in. Everyone else was dancing... in combat boots and sneakers. I walked out to the set and I was like, 'Nobody wearing heels but me? OK!’” A pair of fierce boots from one pop star to the other? Now everyone is going to want the "9 to 5" even more — or at least wish that they had J. Lo or Rihanna's swagger to pull off wearing this footwear work of art.

Rihanna was equally thrilled that a legend like Lopez is the to "break in" her beloved boots to the masses. In an Instagram post that showed part of the "Ain't Your Mama" music video, the singer praised J. Lo for supporting her debut collection for Manolo Blahnik.

"I'm having such a f*ckin' moment knowing that forever I have proof of a bad one like you in my designs!!!" she said. I'd feel the same way, to be honest. Meanwhile, Rih was spotted wearing her boots a week ago.

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Watch the full "Ain't Your Mama" music video by Jennifer Lopez below.

All we need is for these two superstars to collaborate on more projects, whether it's music, fashion, or even a badass buddy movie. Make it happen, ladies!