Juan Pablo: Future Sleazy Salesman?!

Juan Pablo Galavis has done many things during this season of The Bachelor. He's kissed a ton of women, made insensitive statements about gay people, and maybe even had ocean sex with a contestant and shamed her about it. It's often claimed that moments on The Bachelor would "shock America," but at this point there isn't really much that would be considered surprising. Galavis' latest move was not at all predictable though. Juan Pablo Galavis is starring in a commercial for an upstate New York appliance store. It is exactly as it sounds. I'm not going to go on and say "... in the strangest Bachelor date ever!" Nope, he was just straight up in an appliance shop commercial.

The store, called Rochester Appliance, is owned by Dean Eaton who is the brother-in-law of a guy Galavis played soccer with in college. What happened in between was likely Eaton's brother-in-law telling everyone he knows that he's friends with the Bachelor and Eaton hearing about it and saying, "Oh man! Do you think he'd do a commercial for my store?! Probably not." But Eaton asked and Galavis agreed.

According to Eaton, "They [Eaton's brother-in-law and Galavis] maintained a close friendship over the years. When I found out Juan was the next Bachelor I immediately contacted him and asked him to be in commercials for my small business." Galavis filmed four commercials for Rochester Appliance and only one has been released so far. Eaton plans to release the other three on the store's blog.

The commercial, which was shot on Dec. 22 before The Bachelor premiered, shows Galavis as an employee of the store who is distracting to women shoppers. It's super corny (still not as corny as The Bachelor) and in it Galavis asks the ladies if they need help. They respond lustfully, "I'm just looking." As silly as it is, I'm sure the commercial surprised and brought a laugh to local viewers when it aired for the first time during Monday's Bachelor. While the commercial might not bring any more customers to Rochester Appliance — you go to an appliance store when you need a fridge, not because of Juan Pablo — it will definitely get the store's YouTube page a ton hits.