'The BFG' Trailer Answers Some Huge Questions

tSometimes, it's easy to get caught up in the annoying worries of adulthood: did I pay the power bill, can everyone tell I got this shirt from my dirty clothes basket, why is the end of the work day taking so to arrive. Yet luckily, Steven Spielberg, Disney and the late, great Roald Dahl are set on taking those concerns away for an hour or so with their beautiful story, The BFG. If you're unfamiliar with the classic work and don't even know what the BFG means and stands for, let alone that it's becoming a new movie, get ready — the new BFG trailer is going to make you get on-board this train immediately.

If you didn't grow up reading The BFG (and for that grievous affront to your childhood, you should definitely send strongly worded letters to all of your former elementary school teachers) you probably have some big questions about the story, whose newest trailer premiered on May 15. Though the mostly CGI film won't be out in theaters until July 1, the new trailer is a pitch-perfect tease that answers any and all burning questions you may have — including, for those unfamiliar, that the BFG stands for Big Friendly Giant. The giant in question, played by Mark Rylance, introduces himself to Sophie (Ruby Barnhill), his young friend, as such, and and Sophie soon decides that the name is just a bit too long, so she chooses to shorten it to the BFG.

So that's one mystery solved! Here's what other big questions the BFG trailer answers.

1. Is The Giant A Cannibal?

Giants, according to the movie, are all about grinding bones to make their bread, but not the BFG. He makes it pretty clear in the trailer that he only eats zucchini, and not little girls.

2. What Does He Do For Work?

In the trailer, viewers learn that the BFG catches dreams in Giant's Country for a living, and sends them on their way to little boys and girls. That's perhaps the noblest profession there is.

3. How Big Can Giants Get?

While The BFG is crazy tall, he's got nothing on this giant-that-is-also-mountain shown here. It seems giants come in all shapes and sizes, just like humans.

4. How Does The BFG Get Between Worlds?

It seems like there's a crazy portal in the clouds that The BFG uses to get to the human world. From the trailer, it looks like there's lightning involved, which can only lead to exciting cinema.

5. Why Does Giant's Country Have Human-Sized Cars?

Seriously, what's up with this totally foreign and seemingly taken-over-by-nature landscape having a bunch of old cars? The trailer doesn't answer this question, but perhaps the movie itself will.

The new trailer breeds major excitement for this children's classic, and the film seems like it will be a true treat. I can't wait to see this one in July.

Images: Disney, Gifit