Watch Ariana Grande Slay "Break Free" Live

Coming from someone who freaks out endlessly about merely speaking in public forum, I give all the credit the world has to offer to those who can get up in front of people and sing (extra credit to those who can do it without throwing up). I haven't yet mastered that. But, you know who has? Ariana Grande. Grande's performance of "Break Free" at KIIS FM's Wango Tango concert on Saturday is a reminder that the girl just can't help but sing her heart out live each and every time she gets up on a stage. I'd like to attribute this level of skill to practice and experience, but I'm going to be real here — I think it has something to do with the fact that Grande's voice is somewhat of a superpower.

You know you think it, too. Grande is so unfailingly consistent in her vocal perfection — case in point, the Wango Tango appearance. That show is just one instance in a long list of stellar performances the Scream Queens star has given over the years, so in a gesture of utter praise, I've compiled some of the many other concerts that Grande has killed us all dead with her voice. Here are 11 Grande performances that will bring you to your knees... or like, have you on a YouTube spiral:

1. The Wango Tango Goodness

It's only 20 seconds long and I'm deceased.

2. When She Made Jimmy Fallon's Challenge Look Like Child's Play

So easy, right? Uh, no.

3. When She Sang "Focus" And Everyone Took The Song Title To Heart

I am so focused right now.

4. When She Proved She Should Be A Permanent SNL Musical Guest

This is beautiful.

5. When She Was Just A Little Talented Baby* At Her First AMAs


6. When She Held Her Own In The Midst Of Her Other Skilled Colleagues

Get it, girl.

7. When She Sang At The White House And Basically Won The Presidency

...And asked the POTUS and FLOTUS what was up. LOL.

8. When This Happened...

It's an internet performance, OK? OK. Fast forward to 1:25 to get to the singing.

9. ...And This One

For nostalgia's sake and because OMG wow, how good is this?

10. When She Sang "Love Me Harder" With The Audience

Stage presence is important, too.

11. And, Most Importantly, When She Made Hercules Cool Again


*Bows down* Killin' it, Grande.