10 Book Subreddits You'll Spend All Day Browsing

by Catherine Kovach

There’s a website for everything these days, but if you need a single site where you can learn about everything and anything, there’s an obvious choice: Reddit. This is especially true for book-lovers, as there are dozens and dozens of subreddits about books, writing, authors, and more. It's the perfect place to find book recommendations or inspiration for a story.

I’m personally a fan of the creepier subreddits like r/morbidrealty and r/serialkillers, but every so often I like to get out of my own, slightly frightening headspace and go searching for some subreddits that are about my favorite things of all: books.

Luckily for me, there are loads of subreddits about literature. Whether you’re looking for a specific genre, a specific book, a specific author, or simply looking to celebrate the wonder of reading and writing in general, this list of 10 subreddits about book will certainly include something you'll enjoy. These subreddits are happy, bookish communities just waiting for you to come and join the conversation and pose your own questions. Some of them even host their own book clubs. It doesn’t matter if you like literary fiction or YA, paper books or audio, you’ll definitely find something here!

1. r/books

I know, this one was pretty on the nose, but r/books is pretty much the perfect hub for all things books on Reddit. You can find everything from individual threads about specific books to book news and author spotlights. Users even host a book club on the subreddit. The best part? All spoilers are banned from titles, so you never have to worry about accidentally ruining the sequel to your favorite book.

2. r/booksuggestions

Do you know exactly what you want to read, but don't know what books might fit into that category? With r/booksuggestions, you're all set. All you have to do is start a thread with a specific request, and sit back as the suggestions roll in. You can get as specific as you'd like, and it's perfect for if you're looking for books in a niche genre.

3. r/bookclub

Do you desperately want to be a part of a book club, but simply can't seem to find any near you? Luckily for you, r/bookclub can bring you that digital book discussion that you crave. Every month, they vote on a new book to read, but you can discuss any book that has been read in the previous months as well.

4. r/writing

For those book lovers who also love to write, r/writing is here for you. This subreddit mixes writing critique and book discussion. It's a community that will connect you with all of the writing resources you need.

5. r/bookexchange

Cull your collection of old books while getting some new ones at r/bookexchange. Simply browse through the subreddit to see what's on offer, or start a threat either offering books of your own or making requests. It's all the fun of having a penpal with the added bonus of receiving books!

6. r/YAlit

For redditors who absolutely love YA, r/YAlit is the place for you. This is basically r/books, but solely for the young adult genre. Chock full of AMAs with authors, book recommendations, and book club discussions, this also leads to a whole slew of specific subreddits for some of the bigger YA series out there, such as r/hungergames and r/kingkillerchronicles and of course, r/harrypotter.


If you'd much rather listen to what you read, don't worry, there's a subreddit for you! The subreddit of r/audiobooks is tailored for audiobibliophiles. You can discuss your favorites, get recommendations, and even sign up for giveaways.

8. r/bookporn

This super classy subreddit is made up primarily of high quality pictures of books, including images of the redditor's bookshelves, gorgeous old and rare books, and pretty book covers. You'll be salivating at all that sexy bookness!

9. r/bookhaul

You can never have too many pictures of books... or too many books in general! At r/bookhaul, redditors post pictures of their recent additions and bookshelves! Keep an eye on what others are purchasing and reading and pick up a couple of new ideas for what to buy yourself!

10. r/whatsthatbook

It's the literary equivalent of having a song stuck in your head and not knowing what it's called. If you're trying to find a book, but can't think of the title, head on over to r/whatsthatbook and get the help you need. Simply start a thread with as much information as you can recollect about the book, and your fellow subreddit members will definitely give you a hand.

Images: Roman Mager, Padurariu Alexandru, Dmitrij Paskevic, Annie Spratt (2), Aaron Burden, kazuend, Glen Noble, Pavan Trikutam, Alice Hampson, Tamara Menzi/Unsplash