‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Peter Dinklage Shares Shocking Story About Watching A Man Die


Here's a question you might have never pondered: How does it feel to be the last person someone sees before they die? If it hasn't happened to you, it may have never come to mind. This is not the case for Peter Dinklage who saw a man die right in front of him and talks about the event in the latest issue of Esquire. The story is a sad one, but it's one that will really make you think about how you would react to such an intense moment.

Dinklage told the magazine,

It's difficult to imagine this happening and how big of a shock it would've been to someone just going along with the normal activities of their day. The Game of Thrones actor goes on to say,

Whew! Dinklage continues and describes the difference between the motorcyclist, who he guesses was around 25, and an older person dying saying that this man was "robbed." It's often said that life is fragile and this situation, which could happen to anyone and which Dinklage beautifully explains, perfectly describes that point.