Rob & Blac Might've Kept This Secret For A While

Rob Kardashian has been full of surprises lately, especially where Blac Chyna is concerned. Earlier this year, it came as kind of a shock when news broke that they're dating... and then, they announced their engagement. That was a lot to take in, too, but little did we know that this couple was about to drop an even bigger bomb on us. In the beginning of May, Kardashian and Chyna announced their pregnancy... but what if they were keeping that particular secret under wraps for a lot longer than it seemed. According to something he said on Sunday night's new episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Rob and Chyna might have known about their pregnancy for a long time.

In case you didn't catch the ep, there was a scene where Rob was on the phone with Kris and Kourtney, and started joking about having a son named Robert the Third. Honestly, weird conversations are just par for the course in this family, but this time, I'm tempted to believe that there could have been a little bit more to it than just a joke. Was Rob actually talking about his real baby-to-be at the time, and his family just didn't know it yet?

To figure this one out, it's important to know when this footage was filmed. The major storyline in Sunday's episode was Rob buying his own house, and according to reports from the time, Rob moved into his house sometime in February. That was about three months ago, and it's totally possible that he and Chyna knew they were expecting back then. In fact, it almost seems likely that they did, because most pregnant moms choose not to announce their big news until about three months into their pregnancy because the risk of miscarriage has decreased by then. There seems to be a pretty good chance Rob could have been talking about his actual kid in that scene, which is kind of mind blowing to think about. Plus, I'm pretty impressed, since keeping a secret like that for such a long time has to be really hard!

But even though he may not have been joking at the time, I wouldn't necessarily take Rob's comments to mean that they're expecting a boy. According to Parents, most parents find out their baby's sex at about 18-20 weeks, so for Chyna to know she was having a boy in February, she'd have to be at least seven months pregnant right now, and in recent photos of the lash expert, she doesn't seem to be showing just yet.

And now that Rob is back on KUWTK , I have a feeling more details and secrets about their relationship will be revealed this season. I can't wait. Every piece of the Rob/Blac Chyna puzzle we can get, I'm on board with!