Lena Would Like To Be On 'Scandal' Please

I would just like to put an image into your head: Hannah Horvath is late turning in chapters to her publisher. She calls Olivia Pope for help to manage the situation/her publisher's expectations/maybe turn her into a literary superstar if there's time. Amazingness ensues. She probably hits on Fitz. Actually, let's be real, it's far more likely she'd hit on Huck. And hey, what do you know, Lena Dunham wants to be on Scandal , so we can retain our delusional hope that HBO and ABC will stage a revolutionary/weird inter-network crossover.

"My life's great passion is the idea of being a guest star on Scandal," Dunham told Bill Simmons in an episode of B.S. Report recently. And really, who's doesn't have that fantasy? Only charlatans and people who have never desired to be near coat game that intense, AKA people with no spirit to speak of. "I want to be like, a senator who did something wrong," she continued, and once again I say who doesn't???

Dunham's Girls contract will apparently crush her (and our) dreams, though, as she's not really allowed to be on other shows right now. HBO, how could you??? How could you deprive the world of seeing Dunham as some sort of prodigy political figure and/or the psychopathic daughter of one of a billionaire? The world needs that.