How To Create A Theme For Your Instagram Feed

by Jessica Learish
Moyo Studio/E+/Getty Images

Let's talk about Instagram themes for a second, people. No, you didn't miss another Instagram update harkening back to the days of angsty MySpace themes. Instagram themes are a trend sweeping your social media feed, and it's all about visual consistency. From composition to color to an explosion of patterns, you can create a theme for your Instagram account just like many bloggers and content creators are already adopting. Think of it as your very dialed-in personal style, specifically curated for Instagram.

Instagram themes are by no means mandatory, but if you've ever wondered how your favorite Instagram celebrities have such a wonderful cohesiveness to their profiles, this is your answer. Like I mentioned before, there are a few different ways to hone in on your personal theme. Work with a consistent color palette. Choose an aspect ratio that best suits your photography style, and stick with it. If you're into taking pictures of your food, create consistent image composition by using similar angles, lighting, and staging for your photos.

The trick is to create a recognizable universe within the context of your profile without losing all spontaneity — like you're the Wes Anderson of Instagram. But a picture is worth a thousand words, right? So, here are some of my favorite examples of popular Instagram accounts with deliciously curated themes.

1. @ihavethisthingwithfloors

Stylish shoes standing on elaborate floors doesn't exactly sound like a feast for the eyes, but when you put them all together, the explosion of patterns and colors makes you want to leave work to go exploring your city for exciting Moroccan tile, hand-painted concrete, or even creatively stained wood. And for all you students of photography, @ihavethisthingwithfloors expertly employs white balance to give the whites (like you see on the sneakers) that extra pop.

2. @whatsgabycookin

Moving right along from artistic floors to delicious feasts, @whatsgabycookin also uses rich patterns and (primarily) aerial photo composition to create a consistently delicious look for her food blog's Instagram account. And her profile doesn't just look great — I tried out a couple of her maximalist salads like the Greek one in the upper right corner, and it was a show stopper.

3. @_deannareeves_

From an explosion of pattern to a pretty pink palette, Deanna is an L.A.-based dancer, model, barre instructor, and person who wears clothes better than the mannequin. Her Instagram account is a waterfall of gorgeously active dance and yoga photos, sunny brunch pics, and occasionally wild new-hair selfies. Go follow @_deannareeves_ if you need some inspiration to follow your dreams, which is another key part of her perpetually positive aesthetic.

4. @sickysworld

It's almost too easy to dial in your theme when your brand is built around the California-cool lifestyle. Sicky's sunglasses are admittedly great, but its Instagram is one of the few brands that will make you feel like a part of a super exclusive street team where bikinis and surfboards are a part of your everyday life. Follow @sickysworld if you need to inject a little sunshine, salt water, almond milk iced lattes, and otherwise L.A. vibes into your world.

5. @extrapetite

I just discovered this blog, casually dedicated to fashion for the vertically challenged, and her Instagram is as good as it gets. Even in the depths of the cold Boston winter, her feed is filled with soft pastels and pretty flowers, though in winter, the flowers come mostly in the form of floral prints paired with super hip jackets. I would follow @extrapetite even if I weren't a towering five feet tall.

Image: Moyo Studio/E+/Getty Images; Instagram/@ihavethisthingwithfloors; Instagram/@whatsgabycookin; Instagram/@_deannareeves_; Instagram/@sickysworld; Instagram/@extrapetite