10 Dresses We'd Like to See on Claire Underwood

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One word comes to mind when I think of Claire Underwood: fierce. Is there any other female character on TV who is as ruthless as Robin Wright's onscreen persona? When you're the wife of the conniving Vice President Underwood, you not only have to play the part, but you have to look it, too. Underwood's stark and slick wardrobe is a far cry from that of fellow DC powerhouse Olivia Pope. In place of soft pastel colors, ruffled tops and peplum skirts, there are form-fitting dresses, crisp button-downs and tailored blazers — all in shades of black and white. Here are 10 dresses we think would look killer on Claire Underwood. House of Cards Season 3, are you listening?

Image: House of Cards/Netflix

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