How To Watch Megyn Kelly Interview Donald Trump

A long-awaited event is scheduled to air on Fox on May 17 — and not Fox News, but mainstream, non-cable Fox. Even if you don't have television, you might be wondering how to watch Megyn Kelly's interview with Donald Trump. The highly anticipated interview is something every political junkie and non-TV owner should have access to before the event starts; this exclusive interview is sure to make headlines — and undoubtedly some waves — across the nation, across oceans, and pretty much everywhere, due to Trump's longstanding hostility toward Kelly since early on in the Republican presidential debates.

First and foremost, some key information is necessary for viewing purposes. The interview will air on "Megyn Kelly Presents," a Fox prime-time special on May 17 at 8 p.m. ET. In addition, notable segments of the conversation will replay on May 18 on "The Kelly File," which is her regularly-airing show on Fox News channel. For those without access to television, the event will likely become available on Fox Now, Fox's streaming service. In any case, it will play and replay across Fox and Fox News, making its way to clips scattered across the Internet within moments. It'll likely be harder to miss this event than expected.

Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

In her interview, Kelly told Fox News that she examines Trump's widespread success as a presidential candidate, and now as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. She noted that she also delves into the unfolding of events with Trump following their last meeting. In fact, this interview is the first time the pair has sat down together for a meeting since the contentious presidential debate in August 2015, which aired on Fox News Channel.

Whether the two remain in a feud or decide to call a truce will unfurl before America's collective eyes, though Kelly explained that she does not ask Trump about any of his tweets or insulting remarks, as she "was looking to move past that." It sounded like Kelly is also looking to advance her status as a reporter, interviewer, and journalist, which could explain her willingness to make this event happen. She told Jimmy Fallon on May 12, "I didn’t want to go to the acrimonious place. So we had a normal conversation, like candidate and reporter." Indeed, it sounds like she is taking the high road.

Whatever comes of this, moments of discomfort are bound to occur, which Kelly clarified without much provocation. Apparently, she touches upon Trump's relationship with American women as a presidential candidate, his experiences (or lack thereof) with facing bullying, and the pair's own relationship — as well as his relationship with Fox News. Oh, and the last bit? There's no apology to come from Trump, but did anybody really expect such a thing? That's a doubtful prospect in all regards, but at least it seems some progress was made between the two.