There's A New Scent Coming Soon To Zoella Beauty

by Kali Borovic

The phrase "all good things must come to an end" has never been more true, because Zoe Suggs a.k.a. Zoella is discontinuing the Tutti Fruity range from her Zoella Beauty line. The good news, however, is that she's doing so to make room for a new fragrance! Yes, unfortunately that means a few of your favorites have to go, but there's no doubt in my mind that the new scent will be just as good as the last. When will the old beauty items be discontinued? To be safe, you should probably stock up soon.

Suggs, the vlogger behind the popular Zoella channel on YouTube, announced some pretty exciting news recently — she'll be adding a new scent to her beauty collection. Although the smell of the new product is still a secret and it's not clear which products it will come in, the sneak peeks of the new additions look like there could be a perfume and lotion joining the Zoella family. Full details will be released May 20.

In order to make room for her new collection, Suggs is discontinuing the Tutti Fruity line of products that includes everything from makeup bags to her Let's Spritz scent. The vlogger announced the news in the most recent favorites video on her channel, but promised her 10 million subscribers that something even better would be coming in its place.

There's no official date for when the product range will be leaving the online shop, but my guess is that it'll be pretty soon. To be safe, you should probably stock up on all your favorite Tutti Fruity items before the end of the week, which is when she's announcing the new scent.

So far there's been nothing about the new scent on social media, except a few sneak peeks of the packaging. From the looks of the palm tree meets shell-like print on the bottles, the new scent will be another summer fragrance.

If you're in love with the beauty range, there's still plenty of time to stock up on everything Tutti Fruity. After all, the best way to morn the death of a beauty product is to buy enough to last you a lifetime! Here's a list of all the products, so you can plan for the discontinuation accordingly.

1. Let's Spritz Body Mist

Zoella Let's Spritz Body Mis, $9.07,

The fresh scent won't be along for much longer. The good news is that at this affordable price, you can buy a bunch to get you through the product drought.

2. Kissy Missy Lip Balm

Zoella Kissy Missy Lip Balm, $3.40,

There's no telling whether or not the little on-the-go balm will be back with the new scent, so you should probably grab it while you can.

3. Foam Sweet Foam Shower Gel

Zoella Foam Sweet Foam Shower Gel, $3.97,

I can only hope that Suggs will have bath products in her new line as well. If not, this sweet selling shower soap will definitely be missed.

4. Bath Bombs

Zoella Fresh Fizz Bath Bombs, $5.67,

If there's one thing that's no secret about Zoella, it's that she loves her baths. These products are the bomb — pun intended.

5. Body Scrub

Zoella Scrubbing Me Softly Body Scrub, $7.93,

There's no telling whether there will be a scrub in her new line, so you might want to try this one out while you still can.

6. Body Lotion

Zoella Candy Cream Body Lotion, $5.67,

Rounding out the range is this sweet-smelling lotion. The product has a perfect five-star rating on the Super Drug site, so it must be good!

7. Cosmetics Bag

Zoella Cosmetics Purse, $6.80,

This adorable makeup bag is leaving as well.

You might want to get your hands on these items while you still can!

Images: ZoellaBeauty/Instagram (1), (7)