You'll Want Your Crush To Hear These Lyrics

by Michelle Lulic

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani's latest collaboration, "Go Ahead and Break My Heart," not only reflects on the ways in which these two The Voice hosts got together, but it also perfectly explains the turmoil that exists when you want to be with someone you just can't have. Basically, whether you're in elementary school or you're a full-blown adult, crushes are the worst. They aren't always a two-way street. Your head immediately starts filling itself with ridiculous questions about whether or not your crush likes you back. And, if the answer's no (or you're just really not sure), your only sensible response is to try your hardest to get over that person. Despite how much you may have to fight the urge to tell him/her exactly how you feel.

And that's where "Go Ahead And Break My Heart" comes into play. Sometimes songs just say everything we wish our crushes could hear. And, in this case, Shelton and Stefani pieced together a song that is all too real when it comes to expressing exactly what having a crush feels like. Here are the lyrics from the song that perfectly say what you want to say to your crush.

1. "Just When I'm About To Lose My Mind, There You Are Again On My Phone."

Oh, the trials and tribulations of receiving texts from your crush. Becoming hopeful? You're constantly checking your phone to see if they texted you back. Finally getting over him/her? Then they hit up your phone and screw everything up.

2. "Maybe We Could Just Hang A While. Maybe We Can Make Each Other Smile."

How many times have you stared at your crush from across the room and contemplated saying these exact words to them? The concept is so simple yet so complicated.

3. "If Moving On Is What You Wanna Do, Why Don’t You Do It, Baby?"

These lyrics is for the moments when you just feel like screaming, "Make up your mind already!" Whether you're hoping he/she moves on with you, or you're waiting for your crush to move on so you can let it all go, the struggle is real.

4. "You Can’t Tell Me That We’ll Still Be Friends And Maybe Some Day We Can Try Again."

The friend zone is not a fun place to be in.

5. "If You Really Need A Brand New Start, Why Don't You Go Ahead And Break My Heart?"

Sometimes cutting the ties and honestly saying how you feel is all that's needed to kill that nasty feeling of having a crush.

6. "I Never Ever Meant To Get So Into You."

It's not my fault. Don't judge me.

7. "Thought I Was Using You Just To Get Me Through."

Seriously, no one ever plans on catching feelings.

8. "You Know I’m Broken I Don’t Trust Anyone. Last Thing I Needed Was To Fall In Love."

I don't need you in my life anyway. Again, it's not my fault.

9. "You Got Me Dreaming, Got Me Thinking I Got Some Hope."

Stop messing with my mind! Is that too much to ask?

10. "But I’m So Scared. I Don’t Know What To Do. How Did You Get Me So Into You?"

Want to help me figure this out? Because you're the one that caused the problem here.

11. "Oh, No. Here I gG."

And, despite it all, the crushing continues...

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani will be performing "Go Ahead and Break My Heart" on Sunday, May 22 at the Billboard Music Awards on ABC. Maybe now is the time to hint at your crush to watch? Just a suggestion.

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