The Best Reaction Memes To Harry Styles' New Hair

by Augusta Statz

I’m sure you’ve heard the news by now. Harry Styles finally revealed his new haircut, and this time around, the hat is gone. He heard our pleas and stepped out sans headwear, and the Internet reacted accordingly. See the best reaction memes to Harry Styles new ‘do because it’s been a long, hard road to get to the final destination of a short-haired Styles. I don’t know about you, but I’m realizing now that it was well worth the ride.

The world experienced a collective shock when Styles first posted about chopping his long locks. And ever since then, it’s just been a waiting game to see what his new hair looked like. Some were excited at the thought of his new ‘do, some were mourning the loss of longer hair, but in the end it all resulted in outrage when the first photos of his chop were covered almost entirely by a hat. How could he go and let us down like that, you know?

But, I’m thinking we’ll all be able to forgive him again, especially now that there’s another shot of him rocking his new haircut. There’s definitely a clear view of the cut this time around, and of course, it looks incredible. Styles knows what he’s doing when it comes to styling his hair, no matter the length. So, we can all forget about the pain and suffering he put us through, now, right?

It may take time, but I’m hopeful that everyone can move past this. But, as these memes will show, the struggle of waiting for photos of Styles’ new ‘do was real.

1. Initial Shock

First, there was the initial shock that came after learning Styles had chopped his hair off.

2. Wait, How Much Is Gone?

Then, there was that period of time spent wondering exactly how much of his hair had been cut off.

3. Realizing How Much Was Gone

That moment when you realize exactly how much hair was cut.

4. Waiting... Waiting...

All that was left to do was wait.

5. And Wait

And wait some more.

6. Getting Angry

Just when folks started to get angry about the lack of photos...

7. Harry With His Hat

Photos of him wearing a hat were released.

8. Take Off Your Hat

The world was begging him to take off the hat and show off that hair once and for all!

9. Pouting

Everyone had really had enough of this hat business.

10. Our Saving Grace

Finally. A photo of him without a hat surfaced.

11. Double-Take

And the world did a double-take.

12. Swoon

Everyone was shocked, yet again, but in the best way possible.

13. Oh La La

People just can't get enough of his new 'do now that they've seen it.

14. Just Giddy

All of that anxiousness everyone felt has turned into pure giddiness and excitement.

Ahh, there. Don't you feel better having seen his short hair? Knowledge really is a powerful thing.