13 Friends Everyone Needs In Their Life At 25

by Kaitlyn Wylde

By the time you hit your mid-20s, you'll have racked up quite a few friends. Your social circle will be populated with a vast group of people that matter to you in different ways. You'll have your closest ring of friends, and those will be the people you spend the majority of your time with — you're aware of each other's schedules and are always in touch. And then you'll have the people you check in with every few weeks — you might get a drink or have lunch once a month, just to catch up. And then there's this conglomeration of friends that pop in and out of your life and offer different kinds of relationships.

You'll have weeded out most of the toxic people in your life by this age, and you'll come to love this big mess of people you love to have around. It's not like high school or college where you have one massive group of friends who all know each other. It's more of an à la cart situation — you introduce new friends to old friends and mix and match, it's much more fun.

If you're lucky, your friends will make you the best person you can be, and you'll inspire them positively, too. These are 13 different types of friends you'll have by the time you're 25:

The Hand-Holding Friend

This person walks you through life. They have all the answers. You call them when you have a question about what kind of highlights to ask for at the hair salon, and you call them to explain taxes to you — you don't know what you'd do without this friend.

The Late Night Call Friend

This is the person you can count on to be awake when you're tossing and turning at 3 a.m. and want to connect with another human. You'll sign onto Facebook Messenger and see a little green dot next to their name, smile, and feel less alone.

The "Screw It, Let's Go Out" Friend

This is the person who agreed with you that you should take it easy this weekend but always gets a gust of energy and convinces you to kick off your pajamas and go out — life's too short not to make the most of every Saturday night.

The "I Want To Stay In, Too" Friend

You can count on this friend to cozy up next to you on the couch or talk to you on the phone all weekend. You talk to each other to validate your desires to stay in. Together, you two are not tempted by the bright lights of a social life.

The "Let's Watch The Whole Season" Friend

This is the friend who will come over with a bottle of wine or a box of mac & cheese and sit with you on the couch for 12 hours straight. You're both equally committed to watching a whole season of a show or watching back to back movies. This friend is both extreme and lazy, just like you.

The Text Message Editor Friend

You don't send a single text message without this person giving it a once over, or vice versa. You look to each other as editors and need each other's approval before sending anything in writing.

The "Do Not Text Your Ex" Friend

This friend gives you tough love. They were there for you when you went through a terrible break up and now they're not going to let you go back to the person who broke your heart. You can't help but respect her intentions.

The "Let's Better Ourselves Together!" Friend

This is the friend who you make New Year's resolutions with. Whenever you're together you're talking about ways to improve yourselves and the world. You totally amp each other up with positivity. You decide to become vegetarian together and do charity work together.

The Time Bomb Friend

This is the person that is most unpredictable in your life. You love them, but they give you anxiety because you never know what to expect with them. You're always on eggshells around them and watching your words.

The Dose-Of-Truth Friend

This person is painfully honest with you, all the time, whether you can handle it or not. This person won't tell you your haircut looks great if it doesn't. This person won't tell you your essay is worthy of an A if it's not. You have a lot of respect for this friend, but fear their tongue at the same time.

The "XOXO, Gossip Girl" Friend

This friend is full of gossip. Every time you hang out, you're talking about other people's business. Part of you loves it, and other part of you feels guilty about it and you can't help but wonder if this friend gossips about you. Spoiler alert: she probably does.

The Sister Friend

This personal has been your friend for so long, you're more like sisters than friends. You fight, you make up, you know each other better than anyone and know that you're going to be friends for the rest of your lives, no matter what.

The For A Good Time Friend

You have a blast with this friend, but don't see them too often. You're excited when you bump into them at a party, because you know its going to be a good night. You might go months or years without seeing them, but it always feels like you're picking up where you left off last time.

Images: Giphy, Pexels