The 20 Most Content States In America May Surprise You

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We're not exactly a country known for being content. America's terrible economy over the last six years has made things pretty difficult for the average citizen. Not surprisingly, unemployment and other economic uncertainties are also impacting our physical and emotional health. In an effort to measure these impacts, The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index uses a variety of metrics — everything from smoking rates to income demographics — to analyze the "well-being" of people in all 50 states. In states where well-being was high, people were more likely to report exercising every day and being non-smokers. Where it was low, more residents were obese or suffered from chronic health problems. All of this contributed to their contentment raking.

According to their data, the healthiest and happiest among us aren't living in New York City or Los Angeles. If you're stuck out in one of the flyover states, you might be better off than you think. Check out our list of the top 20 most content states in the U.S. to see where yours ranks.

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