When Will Megyn Kelly's Book Come Out?

by Chris Tognotti

On Tuesday night, Fox News host Megyn Kelly sat down for an interview with presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, seemingly bringing to an end a months-long feud between herself and the real estate magnate. (Although if you're taking sides here, the "feud" was pretty juvenile and one-sided.) At the end of the episode, surely to draw colossal ratings, she decided to take advantage of all those eyeballs by plugging her latest project — her forthcoming book, Settle For More. So, are you wondering when Megyn Kelly's new book will be available? Because it will likely be in high demand, so you'll want to grab it ASAP.

It might depend on your political leanings how interested you are in reading her upcoming book, Settle For More. While Kelly is a polished professional, an inquisitive interrogator within conservative media, and a strong example of a woman rising to the upper-echelons on a news outlet, it's also true that the outlet is Fox News. If you're a political progressive, whether you take exception to some of Kelly's controversial reporting or to her channel on the whole, maybe you're not so interested.

But rest assured, countless people are interested, because Kelly is one of the ascendant names in cable news right now, especially amid all the bizarre chaos of the Republican primaries. So, if you're planning to pick up her new book, here's the listed released date: November 15th, 2016.

For what it's worth, Kelly's mention of her book was met with some very mixed reactions on social media. Some people who are fans of hers were probably excited by the news, sure, but self-promotion can draw a backlash too, especially when it's knowingly tethered to an event as high-profile as an interview with the likely Republican presidential nominee.

But can you really blame her? It's hardly as if everyone tuning into Megyn Kelly Presents on Tuesday night was doing so out of admiration for her. To the contrary, Trump's behavior towards Kelly has effectively poisoned some of his die-hard supporters against her. And it is her show, and she's one of the channel's most popular anchors. It's hard to believe that anyone who'd be turned off by her saying "Hey, check out my book" was going to take a positive opinion of her anyway. In any event, if you're one of the people who are interested in picking it up, you might be glad to know that it'll be coming out as an audiobook as well.