Things Got Awkward Between Megyn Kelly & Trump

by Noor Al-Sibai

In what was one of the most talked-about and awkward and awkward moments in Megyn Kelly's interview with Donald Trump on FOX, Kelly finally confronted Donald Trump on-air for his misogynist treatment of her, specifically referencing the time Trump retweeted a tweet calling her a "bimbo."

In the interview, Kelly covered topics ranging from Trump's meteoric rise to success to family and relationship issues. Kelly asked the presumptive Republican nominee to touch on his treatment on women and specifically the way he discusses them on Twitter. She mentioned the term "bimbo" and Trump first qualified the statement by saying "Well, that was a retweet," then asked "Did I say that?" Yes, Trump, you did say that.

Kelly responded promptly and told The Donald he'd said it "many times," after which Trump (shockingly!) apologized. An awkward pause ensued while Trump and Kelly half-smiled at each other, and as Kelly began her next question. It was incredibly awkward. However, to break the silence, Trump interrupted Kelly, first proving that he has the best words in a jumbled sentence and then saying Kelly's "been called a lot worse" throughout her career. Because that makes calling her a "bimbo" no big deal, right Trump?

To her credit, Kelly didn't miss a beat, saying that "it's not about me" but rather about young girls and women who heard the remarks and the message it may send to them. Bizarrely, Trump made a vague statement about Twitter's role as "a modern-day form of fighting back." Because, you know, Trump needs to fight back against debate questions.

Kelly asked Trump if he'd stop using Twitter as platform to criticize others as president, to which Trump responded, in classic Trump fashion, that he'd stop making those statements about Kelly because "I think I like our relationship right now."

Despite discussing their nine-month-long fight, Trump never directly addressed accusations calling him a sexist, choosing instead to use his tried-and-true method of dodging questions and focusing on the individual relationship between himself and Kelly. And this was all pretty awkward.

It comes as no surprise that Trump, who’s been accused of bigotry against numerous other minorities, continues to avoid questions about his supposed prejudices. The man who’s made a career out of his off-the-cuff and often offensive remarks has nothing to gain from openly admitting that he’s a misogynist. Unfortunately, even if he did, it might not make much difference to his electorate and it wouldn't have made these interview exchanges any less awkward for us viewers.