This Girl Hypnotized Her Boyfriend & Used Her Powers For The Greater Good — VIDEO

Some people swear by hypnotherapy as a way to stop smoking and treat depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and a variety of other serious issues. But this new video from BuzzFeed, featuring a girl hypnotizing her boyfriend, reminds us that hypnotism also provides opportunities for maximum silliness. When Cookie hypnotizes her boyfriend, Arya, she does what many of us would do if we had the opportunity to make our S.O.s do whatever we wanted: She makes him do something really, hilariously ridiculous.

Cookie and Arya undergo hypnosis for the first time with the help of hypnotherapist Kevin Stone, who describes hypnosis as “a very natural state of being.” When someone is hypnotized, he or she is in a state of intense focus and increased suggestibility. A video from asapSCIENCE likens the experience of being hypnotized to that of watching a movie — it’s similar to the feeling of becoming so engrossed in what’s happening on screen that you lose consciousness of what’s happening around you in the real world. And in that state, you are more vulnerable to suggestion, which is why hypnosis is often associated with getting people to do things that they normally wouldn’t.

Stone leads Arya into a state of hypnosis and then unleashes Cookie on him, inviting her to give him instructions. She instructs her boyfriend to respond to a code phrase, “Charlie Chaplin,” by doing a “tiny seated tap dance.” And, lo and behold, he does.

Boldly on YouTube

Seriously, how adorable is his little baby tap dance?

Even more adorable is Cookie’s whispered response to the experience, a smile on her face and a demonic gleam in her eye:

Should we be worried?

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