3 Reasons to Watch Jourdan Dunn's Cooking Show

Ordinarily, I'd much rather eat something that someone else prepared than scarf down what are often the disastrous results of my own attempt at cooking. I'm just not that good of a cook and frankly, I'm starting to care less and less with each passing day. Thus far, I can only count a few meals amongst the ones I've managed to not burn because I'm distracted by what's on TV. But model Jourdan Dunn's cooking show, aptly titled Well Done with Jourdan Dunn, has grabbed my attention and drawn it back to what's presently boiling over on my stove. We already know that she contributes to a good runway show, but turns out she's pretty entertaining in the kitchen, too. Here's why we enjoy watching Dunn make her way around the kitchen:

The recipes are simple and Dunn makes it look fun.

Dunn makes meal preparation appear less of a challenge than it is for those of us who are cooking-challenged, and after watching, it genuinely has me wanting to expand my severely limited kitchen skills. Lately, I've become way too comfortable with deferring to a microwaved meal or something I can scoop up and nibble from the palm of my hand. But watching Dunn tackle tasty meals like sea bass, jerk pork and chicken wings actually makes me want to put more mileage on my pots and pans.

Did we mention that the show's Jay Z-endorsed?

The model's cooking show is featured on Jay's Life + Times YouTube channel. Jay's already proven he has a knack for spotting talent, whether it's in the form of an amazing musical talent or someone from the sports world. The fact that Dunn's show just began its third season is even more proof of his solid track record.

Dunn has always the best guests.

The show features a charming host, but equally intriguing guests as well. And they dish on celebrity stuff while they cook. In season three's first episode, which premiered yesterday, Dunn leisurely chatted with fellow models Chanel Iman and Joan Smalls as they discussed what it was like filming the scandalously fierce music video for Beyoncé's song "Yoncé."

Past guests have included fellow models Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss, as well as rappers 2 Chainz and Wale along with celebrity chef and Bravo TV star Chef Roblé.

It's a really fun, laid-back setup where although cooking is the primary purpose, Dunn isn't afraid to throw in a healthy dash of her fun, care-free personality to concoct the perfect recipe of a show.

Watch the season 3 premiere below: