Brandi Glanville Opens Up About 'Famously Single'

You know her as one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but now Brandi Glanville is starring on Famously Single, a different kind of reality show premiering on E! June 14. The show features eight celebrities trying to work through their relationship issues. Think of it as a relationship rehab for famous faces. Bustle caught up with Glanville to discuss her time on the reality series, why she chose to go on TV to work through her relationship issues, and what Bravo fans can expect from her. Regarding the latter, Glanville says RHOBH viewers will most definitely see a different Brandi than they're used to.

"I feel like Housewives was such a small part of my personality and I'm really looking forward to having people see this more well-rounded version of me," she says. For her, Famously Single was a nice change from all of the drama that comes with Housewives and one that will show others that she is more than the woman we got to know on RHOBH. "There were cameras 24/7 and on Housewives you don't have that. I think that people will, you know, there's still going to be the fun, crazy Brandi, but then there's a side of me that's a nurturer, likes to take care of people. You know, I do have a softer side and I hope that's what people see."

The former Celebrity Apprentice star admits that Famously Single will have drama too, which is to be expected when "living under one roof with seven other strangers." I guess you could say it's similar to MTV's Real World.

Those who follow Glanville may be wondering why she decided to join another reality series, especially one that focuses on her dating life and issues she faces when it comes to relationships. To that she says, "I have been single for seven years and I'm getting older. I really wanted to kind of work on myself and figure out what I was doing wrong and if I was actually capable of getting better and finding love again."

Speaking of working on herself, the 43-year-old mother of two learned a lot about herself that she hopes will help her find love in the future. "I learned a lot about myself," she admits.

I learned that I definitely have my walls up and it's hard for me to be vulnerable, because I've been hurt in the past and have a lot of trust issues. I also learned that I pick the wrong guys. (laughs) I'm working on putting myself out there and being vulnerable again and not running away or sabotaging relationships... I made some definite strides.

So, did it help her find a man? Nope, but she did end up dating her Uber driver for a bit. "I was dating this guy, this Uber driver guy, but I realized that I can't date an Uber driver," she says.

Where is that gonna go? He's younger than me and hot and all of the above and I really liked him, but I just, he was fun, he's a gentleman, but at the end of the day... He drives an Uber, and I think I need a grown up with a proper career.

Even though it didn't work out, she says dating her Uber driver "was nice for the time," but now she is back to being single. All of that said and done, and despite not finding love on or after Famously Single, Glanville doesn't regret the experience at all. She even is open to doing the show again. "Well, I might need to do it again, because I'm still single," she says laughing. "I've learned to be more vulnerable and I definitely let people in, I just, again, my ticker is off and I think that's the one thing I need to work on is picking someone that's more appropriate for me and not like a bad boy." Oh, and if Glanville can find a gentleman, she says that's even better.

Famously Single premieres Tuesday, June 14 at 10/9c on E!

Image: Brandon Hickman/E! Entertainment