Ryan Gosling Reveals What Hollywood is Really Like

Ryan Gosling is getting real about his life in the film industry and it's kind of sad. A clip of Gosling's interview from the documentary Seduced and Abandoned has been released, and honestly Ryan Gosling makes Hollywood appear depressing. He starts off talking about Los Angeles as a whole and its high percentage of aspiring actors:

"Everyone's left their families, their homes, their friends, their jobs to pursue a dream where they know that the percentage of them achieving that dream is never, and they do it anyway."

Gosling, who moved to West Hollywood at the age of 16, also detailed the grueling audition process that seemingly hasn't gotten any easier for him even though he's made it big by industry standards.

"You're lucky to get an audition, then you get there and you walk into a room of guys who look just like you." (A room full of Ryan Goslings, just try to imagine that.)
"Then you can hear the other guy in the other room auditioning and now you're thinking about not doing it like him as opposed to doing it the way you wanted to do it. Then before you go in you hear the casting director negotiating the deal for the guy that already got the part. Turns out Jared Leto already got it."

But despite that setback, Gosling will often give things a shot anyway as an acting exercise and an experience. But inside the casting room is not any more uplifting.

"You get to the scene where you're supposed to cry over your friend and you get the tears going and you're emotional and then [the casting director] gets a call and asks you to leave the room. You're trying to keep the tears up but it's been ten minutes 'cause you're waiting out there ... and you come back and you want to start again but she makes you pick up where you left off."

But a bad audition doesn't end when the scene does. Gosling goes on to explain that the aftermath of an audition can be just as depressing.

"You go to your car and you've got a parking ticket because the 'street cleaning' sign has been covered by the 'auditions this way' sign."

And then after all that? Gosling says, "You wait in traffic for two hours and you go through it again."

Yikes. Though the director laughs at some of the tale, the way Gosling tells it it's clear this isn't very funny. He explains everything in a monotone rambling sentence as if finally getting something upsetting off his chest. Last March, Gosling announced he was taking a break from acting saying, "I've lost perspective on what I'm doing. I think it's good for me to take a break and reassess why I'm doing it and how I'm doing it." After hearing his Hollywood experience, we don't really blame him.

You can watch the full clip below: