Idris Elba Has A Cameo In The New Macklemore Video

by Amy Roberts

If there is one man's voice that I'm more than okay with hearing as often as possible, then it's Idris Elba's. With a deep, British honey glaze of an accent that brings instant joy wherever it flourishes, the actor's voice was made to be listened to and enjoyed. So I was ecstatic to discover that Elba features on Macklemore and Rylan Lewis' new song, "Dance Off," and even happier to find that it's catchy as hell. Though Elba only contributes what could be considered as being a pre-chorus set up, his brief appearance in the music video is no less significant for it.

Donned in what appears to be his favorite hat, as well as a dramatic Cruella de Vil style fur number (which gives him some serious Brian from the Backstreet Boys video for "Everybody" vibes, especially with that ambience of spookiness at the start), Elba adds some perfect drama to proceedings and even throws a few impressive shapes at the end of the video.

Spectacular cameo appearances aside, "Dance Off" feels like it has the potential to quickly become a musical staple of summer parties. And, with a music video celebrating dance battles in inappropriate places, I can think of no better song to reignite a nations love with turning dancing into a competitive feat. Watch the video for yourself below and enjoy:

In the spirit of this dance majesty (and to prime you all for your very own inevitable summertime dance-offs), here are nine of the greatest dance battles throughout entertainment history.

1. Run DMC V. Jason Nevins In "It's Like That"

Did anyone else get a little too inspired by this music video when they were kids? Because I distinctly remember getting told off by my teachers for trying to replicate this dance battle in the school yard at lunch times.

2. Christina Aguilera (feat. Lil Kim) In "Can't Hold Us Down"

Where a dance battle is used to portray the everyday battle of the sexes (and the ladies smash it).

3. The Prom Dance-Off From She's All That

Led by Usher, this dance-off remains a peculiar classic scene from the '90s. Peculiar because we are all totally confused as to how or why high school kids are that well choreographed for their prom.

4. The Street Dance Battle From Step Up 2: The Streets

Two words: Channing. Tatum.

5. The Gym Dance Battle From West Side Story

Nobody has ever, or will ever, do dance battles better than West Side Story, and that's a fact.

6. Ross and Monica Do "The Routine" In Friends

Ross and Monica weren't even really fighting anyone in this scene, but the attention-starved, competitive nature of their dance says otherwise.

7. The Dance-Challenge From House Party

If I ever get tired of watching this scene, then please call the appropriate authorities, because something is seriously wrong.

8. Elaborately '70s Dance-Off In Starsky And Hutch

Har Mar Superstar v. Ben Stiller. It's the dance off you never knew you wanted to see.

9. The Cringe-Worthy Dance-Off In A Night At The Roxbury

So much cringe. But also so many amazing moves that I'm definitely stealing for the next party I attend.

I don't know about you, but I feel totally pumped and ready for dance-off season to arrive. It's just a shame that Idris Elba probably won't ever accept my dance challenge. But, no problem, fella, I know my moves are intimidating.

Images: RyanLewis/YouTube