Tim Riggins Poetry? Yes, Please!

by Alanna Bennett

If I said the words "Tim Riggins poetry" to you, what would you think? Would you think I'm talking fanfic? Or that you missed an episode of Friday Night Lights in which Riggins recites poetry and makes us swoon? Both seem likely. But it is neither. It is, however, something of great glory: Tim Riggins poetry is something that exists in actual published for in an actual literal journal. The Friday Night Lights legacy has led our clear eyes and clear heart to clear joy.

And, I mean, at the end of the day who else would you even write poetry about?

The poetry in question comes courtesy of poet Nico Alvarado, who has four Riggins-related pieces published in Gulf Coast, a literary journal at The University of Houston. Alvarado teaches middle school in Colorado, but apparently moonlights in well-themed poetry. And the titles are amazing: "Tim Riggins Speaks Of Waterfalls," "Tim Riggins Invents A New Number," "Tim Riggins In Midland County Jail," and "Tim Riggins Imagines Heaven."

Here's "Tim Riggins Invents A New Number," which sums up our feelings on the man pretty well:

I love you so much

I want to bury my fist in your chest.


And a few lines from "Tim Riggins Speaks Of Waterfalls," which you can read in full here:

You want to know what it was like?It was like my whole life had a fever.Whole acres of me were on fire.The sun talked dirty in my ear all night.
(...) I don’t want to be around you.I don’t want to drink you in.I want to walk into the heart of youAnd never walk back out.

Let this be a testament to the lasting power and influence of Friday Night Lights and its resident bad boy hero. Art begets art, after all, and clear hearts beget clear hearts.

Image: NBC