Alexis Bledel Is A Mom!

by Kaitlin Reilly

While the Gilmore Girls revival likely won't show Rory Gilmore with a family of her own (at least, not yet) the actress who plays the book-loving Yale grad reportedly has already started her family with husband Vincent Kartheiser. According to Gilmore Girls actor Scott Patterson's interview with Glamour, Bledel is already a mom, which is a shock to the many fans who had no idea that this actress was pregnant in the first place.

Patterson spilled the beans about Bledel's pregnancy when asked about how the actress has changed in the years since the original series. In the middle of gushing over how Bledel has "blossomed" since Gilmore Girls, the actor stated that Bledel was a "proud new mother," revealing to the world for the first time that Bledel had given birth to a baby. According to E! Online, Bledel gave birth to a baby boy, and given the secrecy surrounding the pregnancy, there's a chance we might not learn much more about her child for quite some time. This isn't the first time that Bledel has kept her personal life private: in lieu of a lavish, public wedding, Bledel married her husband Kartheiser in a top-secret ceremony in 2014.

As for whether or not Bledel was pregnant during the Gilmore Girls revival filming: Not the case. The GG revival began filming in February 2016, and Patterson's quote about his son being a "year and a half" older than Bledel's puts her son's age at about five to six months. Meaning, Bledel gave birth to her son even before the new episodes of Gilmore Girls began filming, and stayed quiet about her new family. For what it's worth, too, rumors did circulate that Bledel was pregnant in November of 2015.

It seems that the rumors were true, and that the secret is officially out. Here's hoping that Bledel makes as awesome of a mom as her TV mom, Lorelai Gilmore.