8 Things Trudeau Could Teach The Next President

by Stephanie Casella

Allow me to speak candidly for a moment. Even as an American citizen, I cannot help but gush about the Canadian prime minister. I think the next U.S. president could learn a lot from Justin Trudeau. He is truly what I wish all politicians embodied wrapped up in one person. He is, to all appearances, infinitely compassionate, maintaining a strong pride for his homeland, strikingly articulate, possessing of a soft sense of humor, a feminist, an egalitarian, exceedingly bright, and consistently working toward causes for equality. He is a man deserving of respect.

Whenever I feel down about the prospects before us as Americans — the constant infighting and the sheer ambiguity as to what is true or false — I consider our neighbors to the north, who have so sagely chosen a man who makes me proud of Canada in the same way I felt proud of America when we elected and reelected President Obama. Below are just eight reasons Prime Minister Trudeau is a top-notch fellow. Hopefully, Americans can do as well in electing their next president. In any case, these are certainly worth reading, if for no other reason than to learn a bit about other sovereign nations and how they operate.

1. He Appointed A 50-Percent Female Cabinet

What was his reason for doing so? "Because it's 2015." He added 15 female members to his cabinet just after his inauguration as prime minister.

2. He Makes Commitments To Doing Better

On May 18, Prime Minister Trudeau apologized to the descendants of Sikh migrants aboard the Komagata Maru, a Japanese steamship which landed in Vancouver, B.C. back in May 1914. This ship and its 376 passengers were turned away due to a 1908 Canadian law which prohibited arrivals to the country if the passengers did not make a "continuous journey" from their nation of birth or citizenship. A standoff of nearly two months ensued, resulting in the deaths of at least 19 passengers upon the vessel's return to Calcutta (Kolkata), India.

Trudeau was not above apologizing and attempting to make amends to the people who still see the effects of historical events such as this one. He also appointed the most Sikh cabinet in the history of Canada (and the world). How's that for compassion?

3. He Is Strikingly Brilliant On Matters Outside Of Politics

Trudeau has studied English literature (and speaks both English and French), engineering, and environmental geography throughout his college career. Not to mention how he boxes, he's a father, and his own father, Pierre Trudeau, was also prime minister.

4. He Has Already Made Steps To Help The LGBTQ Community

In the meantime, America has citizens and lawmakers arguing over which bathroom a person should be allowed to use.

5. He Appreciates The Work Of The Little Guy

He is in no way too big for his britches.

6. He Cares About Indigenous Peoples

Trudeau has actually made budget moves to assist indigenous peoples, in an effort to renew Canada's relationship with these often disenfranchised communities, in addition to other efforts like improving education.

7. He Cares About Crucial Research, And Isn't Afraid To Fund It

Trudeau recently allocated $50 million to the Perimeter Institute in Waterloo, Ontario — a leading institution in theoretical physics — to help fund scientific research endeavors, as well as training and education outreach.

8. And He Can Answer Questions About Subjects Like Quantum Computing On The Spot

Did I mention he's clever? Breadth of knowledge is just as crucial as depth, especially when one is a world leader; it allows for policymakers to relate to real people.

Please do some research on Canada's refreshingly genuine prime minister. He is already tackling and achieving major goals in the brief time he has held office. It is abundantly evident that Prime Minister Trudeau has a glowing future ahead of him.