The Amish Are Back to TLC

by Emma Goddard

First there was Sister Wives and now there’s My Five Wives. Originally we saw the artistry of baking through Food Network’s Ace of Cakes only to see it be replaced with TLC’s Cake Boss. My Strange Addiction was followed up with My Strange Obsession and then there were all those shows about families with a billion children. Now? After introducing the world to the show Breaking Amish and its spin-off, Breaking Amish: Brave New World (both of which I watched for some reason), TLC is bringing us yet another spin-off, Return To Amish.

Although it would seem that TLC has some strange obsession (Hah, see what I did there?) with shows about the Amish, Breaking Amish was the network’s highest-rated freshman series, according to Deadline. So really, the message here is that viewers everywhere have a guilty pleasure, and that guilty pleasure is watching Amish people navigate big cities and learn to wear “English” clothing, as they like to call our modern-day attire.

The spin-off will bring back the fan favorites and original cast of Breaking Amish, Abe, Rebecca, Sabrina, Jeremiah, and Kate. Mary, Katie Ann, and Andrew, who are various family members of the original crew. During Return To Amish, cameras will follow the cast as they take on their new lives and plan to incorporate Amish traditions into their now not-so-Amish world. TLC has ordered six episodes of the spin-off and fans can expect to see the show sometime this June.