'Fight Club' Author Needs You For His Next Movie

Book-lovers of the Internet, rally around: Chuck Palahniuk is crowdfunding a new movie adaptation and he needs your help. It's a rare thing for a reader ever to admit that a movie was better than the book it was based on — but even the most hardcore bibliophiles tend to concede that Fight Club made a damn good film. So can Palahniuk do it again?

In 2002, Palahniuk released a novel called Lullaby. It's way less famous than its predecessor Fight Club, but it sounds every bit as eerie and original — and it did bag a Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Award. Lullaby is a horror story about a poem that has the power to kill anyone who hears it, and a man who memorizes it. Creepy stuff. But for some reason, it never got made into a feature film — and so Fight Club tends to steal all the glory. Until now.

So convinced is he that Lullaby would make a great movie, Chuck Palahniuk has set up a Kickstarter page to raise the money to bring it to the big screen. They're only looking for $250,000, though — so don't expect a Hollywood blockbuster. No, Lullaby is going to be a micro-budget movie; for comparison, Fight Club cost a whopping $63 million to make. Palahniuk is hoping to begin shooting in October, and considering the Lullaby Kickstarter campaign has already raised one fifth of its goal, this seems extremely possible.

But wait, I haven't even told you the best part. If you donate $40 or more, you become a "virtual producer" — and will be given the chance to vote on various aspects of the movie's production. So if you want to be a part of the next Fight Club , this is the way in.