9 Things We Loved at Prada Fall 2014

Good news for the fashionable future CEOs among us: the powerful Prada woman isn't going anywhere. Miuccia Prada's vision for Fall 2014 was just as colorful as last season's — and punctuated by just as much wild outerwear — though the punchy, pop art designs we saw last year have given way to texture: shearling-lined coats in gold, sheer dresses topped off by wispy furs. There was a little bit of the naughty schoolgirl going on, and a lot of the bold woman. Gape at the full Prada Fall 2014 collection here, but these were our 9 favorite moments.

Image: @patmcgrathreal/Instagram

This cheeky take on a men's tie

It may not be tied “correctly,” but she’s not going to a “business meeting,” either.

Image: @mimi_haohao/Instagram

Those eyelashes

Obsessed with these ultra-clumpy Twiggy lashes with nary a swipe of eyeliner in sight.

Image: @josephinevandelden/Instagram

The red Yeti dress no one can stop Instagramming

Just think of the poses you could strike in this thing.

Image: @voguemagazine/Instagram

This, um, new take on sheer

The boyish underwear beneath is kind of cute. CONCEPTUALLY.

Image: @corneliuslafayette/Instagram

This hideous-chic coat

It would make us so happy on cold days and, bonus, would deflect all unwanted male attention.

Image: @absorb/Instagram

An amazing oversized schoolboy sweater

To wear with our fake ties, of course.

Image: @singapore_style/Instagram

The Gucci-esque straps

Dare we say Prada interpreted Spring 2014’s Gucci dresses much more successfully than Gucci did?

Image: @miguelbecer/Instagram

Gold + shearling + sheer + fur

So much to choose from, and the answer is yes.

Image: @agneset/Instagram

The patterns

Nouveau ’70s upholstery at its finest.

Image: @thesartorialist/Instagram