What Is Readathon 2016? Book Nerds MUST Know

by Caitlin White

As if you ever needed any reason to drop everything and read, Saturday May 21 is National Readathon Day, hashtagged #Readathon2016. What is Readathon 2016? Well it's as glorious as it sounds. Penguin Random House teamed up with the American Library Association for the second year in a row to start a day of reading across the country — and even better than disappearing into a book on a cozy weekend is that all money raised during this day will support early literacy development of children in libraries across the United States. This is a win-win.

While having coffee (or a glass of wine) and reading is basically every Saturday to me, National Readathon Day is different in that it's a more social affair than your regular hermit-like book plans. Here's the gameplan: In preparation, put your selfie and shelfie skills to use and share pictures of what books you're going to read on Saturday across social media and hashtag #Readathon2016 to spread the word. Donate as little or as much as you can to the National Readathon Day fundraising page. Admire what everyone else is reading across social media and get some ideas for your ever-growing TBR pile. It's that easy.

If you're more of a social reader, check out what libraries, bookstores, or groups are having Readathon 2016 parties near you. All you excellent Martha Stewart-style hosts can even start your own. For example, in New York the New York Public Library on 115th Street is having a party starting at 11 a.m. You don't even have to pack your own books for that one.

All the money raised goes to support the ALA's Every Child Ready to Read initiative, a program that focuses on educating parents and caregivers on how to help foster an ability to read and a love of reading in their children, particularly through libraries.

So grab your lemonade, twisty straw, and a pile of the next books in your TBR and prepare for a day of binge reading for a good cause this Saturday.

Image: twirlingpages/Instagram