Graduation Hairstyles For People With Bangs

by Rosie Narasaki

Graduation is finally nigh — so you might be starting to wonder about how you want to do your hair on the big day. What if you happen to have bangs, though? What are some cool graduation hairstyles with bangs?

Bangs are fun, but at times they can leave you feeling a little locked in, style-wise — sometimes it feels like there are only so many looks you can do, which can be frustrating around big events like graduation and prom. Maybe you're tired of rocking the blunt, Zooey Deschanel-style bangs, and you want them out of your face. Or maybe your long, wispy bangs are starting to annoy you — so, what can you do to wear them to their best effect? Or change things up a little to be more fancy?

Luckily, there are more than enough options out there. Of course, when it comes to graduation hair, things are slightly limited, than say, prom — after all, chances are, that fabulous Holly Golightly-inspired updo and tiara combo probably won't fit under your mortarboard, and the complicated Khaleesi-style braids would be wasted with your formal robes. Still, you'd be surprised at how many looks there are out there to take out for a spin.

1. Trimmed Bangs

First things first, are your bangs the right length? If they happened to grow out while you were busy studying for finals, it's possible to trim them yourself for your big day — just be sure to be extra careful.

2. Switching Things UP

Out of all the types of bangs out there, short, blunt, straight-across bangs are likely the least versatile. Even so, this tutorial shows you how to get five very distinct different styles that you can rock on your big day, including your default blowdryed look, braided, twisted, styled to the side, and finally, in a poof.

3. Braided Bangs

This no-fuss look is great for when you want your bangs out of your eyes — it turns your bangs into a nice little braid crown, and it's actually pretty simple to pull off.

4. Center-Parted Long Bangs

This retro look is a fun take on Alexa Chung's signature long bangs — it's great if your bangs are starting to grow out, but you haven't gone in for a trim yet. For best results, pair with this glamorous loose waves look — it'll all look fabulous with your cap and gown.

5. Hidden Bangs

Here's another fun look for long bangs — if you want a more sophisticated look than your regular straight-across bangs, you can always style them to the side.

6. With a Wavy Lob

For a very rockabilly look, short blunt bangs look pretty darn awesome with wavy hair. It's very Bettie Page — and if your bangs are a touch longer and softer, it could also double as a Zooey Deschanel-type look.

7. Braid Headband

This gorgeous, pinned back number looks amazing with side bangs, as pictured above — though it will also work with straight across bangs!

8. Other Braided Hairstyles

Bebexo has tons of great hair tutorials for people with bangs — and these three braided looks are perfect for graduation day.

9. Princess Jasmine-Style Bangs

Currently rocking longer bangs? Well, you can never go wrong with Disney Princess-inspired hairstyles.

10. Blunt Bob Options

As mentioned earlier, bangs can feel limiting, especially when paired with short hair — but it turns out there are actually a lot of cute, distinctive styles you can get out of the look!

11. Romantic Waves

This hairstyle may have been designed with Valentine's Day in mind, but it also works great for graduation. Bangs can add an even more romantic touch to flowy, timeless styles like this.

There are some pretty great looks out there, right? So, whether your bangs are starting to get to that annoying shaggy stage, or were recently cut about an inch too short (it's the bangs circle of life), the sky's the limit!