17 Perfect Graduation Cards For The Class Of 2016

Graduation season is upon us, and boy is it scary. We can't pretend to know just how overwhelmed a graduate may or may not be feeling, even if we just graduated recently ourselves, but we can offer some help in the form of graduation cards for the class of 2016.

Cards are often an afterthought in gift-giving, but I firmly believe they are more important than the gift itself. Perhaps it’s my sentimental hoarding tendencies, but I have saved every card I’ve ever gotten. They are a wonderful way to say you love someone. I know being emotionally open isn’t for everyone and greeting cards are known for being overly sentimental, but that doesn’t mean they have to be. Often less is more when it comes to cards. Nine words can be just as effective as 39. For example, I would argue “Sh*t just got real, but I’m here for you” is just as effective as any other card of the more emotional variety.

I rounded up the very best cards depending on the type of card giver you are. Looking for something short and sweet? It’s there. Something loving and emotional? Those cards are there too. Or maybe you want a free, printable card because you totally forgot about cards? I got you! Happy gifting.

1. Sh*t Just Got Real

Remind your grad that life is real, but you've got their back.

Got Real, $4.50,

2. Assorted Note Cards

This sweet card set is perfect for grads of any age.

Note Cards (Set of 8), $16,

3. Grad Pencils

Let these pencils say everything you are thinking.

Grad Pencils Card, $3.95,

4. You Can Can Do It

You can do it! Nothing is impossible!

Can Can Card, $4.50,

5. Adventure Awaits

Sure, school is over and that's scary, but adventure is out there!

Adventure Card, $4.50,

6. Hogwarts Diploma

You may have missed your Hogwarts acceptance letter, but your diploma came right on time.

Hogwarts Diploma, $4.32,

7. Tassel Worth the Hassle

This rhyme is so good it almost makes me mad.

Hassle Card, $4.50,

8. Congrats Owl

This sweet, smart owl is almost as great as you, grad.

Congrats Owl Card, $4.50,

9. Free Printable Grad Cards

Of course you can turn to StudioDIY for all of your grad card needs.

Free Printable Grad Cards,

10. Go Far

This handmade card is as sweet as it is uplifting.

Go Far Card $8,

11. No Pressure

No pressure, but now you have to soar!!!

No Pressure Card, $4.50,

12. Drake Card

Go forth, with this endorsement from Drake, into adulthood.

Drake Card, $6,

13. Dress For The Job You Want

Be sure to wear your astronaut gear when you stop by the temp office.

Dress For The Job You Want, $3.25,

14. Things Will Work Out

Hopefully these fingers are crossed as a sign of good luck, and not because they're lying.

Things Will Work Out Card, $5,

15. Fancy Piece of Paper

Give this card to add to the grad's collection of fancy paper.

Fancy Paper Card, $4,

16. Kick Ass

If the crystal ball says so it must be true.

Kick Ass Card, $4.50,

17. Cap Toss

Hooray! You did it!

Gold Foil Caps, $6.95,