Is There A Yeezy Boost Restock On The Horizon?

Yeezy Boosts are back in our lives after a brief break. These sneakers earned fashion unicorn status, as all colorways of the trainer-like 350s and the high top 750s sell out in nanoseconds. There hasn't been a restock in a minute. Then Kanye West's wife Kim Kardashian teased the Yeezy Boost 750s by Snapchatting a video of a wall of shoeboxes in her house earlier this week. Therefore, we can make an educated guess that a Yeezy Boosts restock must be coming. It's not like Kardashian, who joked that she came home to a room full of 750s and noted that her phone was about to blow up with inquiries about these kicks, is keeping that huge supply of shoes for herself. She needs storage space for custom Balmain and Givenchy pieces, not sneakers!

It's presumable that this massive stash represents pairs that she and West will dole out to friends, fashion plates, fellow celebs, and other Kardsahian and Jenners to help build hype around a retail restock. It makes sense to follow promo pairs with actual purchasable pairs. That's called marketing, if those are indeed comped shoes.

While information about Yeezy Boost restocks is always tenuous, touch and go, and difficult to verify, there is a persistent rumor about the next restock. When will Yeezy Boosts, like the teased 750s, go on sale? Well, Hypebeast suggests that June 6 is the big day. That's two days before West's 39th birthday.

ICYMI, that was KKW's tease. Don't you love how 'Ye has enlisted his wife's assistance to promote a possible restock?

Valerie Macon/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Hypebeast story notes that Yeezy Season 2, which is West's minimalist clothing brand, is not going on sale this summer.

But the piece states that retailers were told to expect a Yeezy Boost sneaker supply on June 6 and names brand president Pete Fox as the source of the information.

With this information, combined with Kardashian's tease, it's not a stretch to think an early June restock of Yeezy Boosts, be it 350s, 750s, or both, is coming. Why tease something that's not imminent, right?

Bustle reached out to Yeezy reps to inquire about the next Yeezy Boost restock date and asked for confirmation regarding the June 6 date. We will let you know if and when we hear back.

Image: Courtesy Adidas (2)