How To Wake Up With Flawless Hair

by Emily McClure

Waking up with flawless hair doesn't have to be a daydream. In fact, there are several ways to prep your hair the night before in order to wake up with a fabulous looking style. All you need is a few essential tools and products to prep your strands for a fierce morning. Be aware that some of these hacks require sleeping with product on your strands, but don't let that scare you. Simply throw on a shower cap or silk scarf to keep the product in its place and you'll wake up with shiny looking locks instead of a shiny forehead.

The key to pre-styling is having a realistic mindset. While it may seem like a good idea to create super tight buns and braids for flawless style, those aren't necessarily comfortable to sleep in. Give your strands some breathing room by comfortably securing the style without tugging too harshly on the scalp. After all, beauty shouldn’t be painful! Get your best beauty rest yet by creating easy-to-do styles that any sleeping beauty can rest in. Wondering what else you can do to wake up with #hairgoals? Here are 11 ways that you can prep your hair for a fabulous hair day.

1. Grab Tanning Oil

Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Oil, $7, Amazon

Women's Health suggested getting beach-inspired waves overnight by using your favorite tanning oil. While it might sound odd to spritz your hair with sunblock, the oil helps to create locks that are shiny and windblown. Start by taking your towel-dried hair, and splitting it into four sections. Spritz each section lightly with the oil, and then twist your strands until the oil dries.

2. Braid, Braid, Braid

S. Alemdar/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you're looking for kinky, boho curls, simply sleep with your hair in a French braid. In the morning, shake out the braid and finish with a touch of texturizing spray. Voila — gorgeous loose curls.

3. Fight Frizz With Satin Pillowcases

Sweet Dreams Luxury Satin Pillowcase, $9, Amazon

Waking up to a head full of frizz is a total nightmare. recommended keeping your strands looking glossy by sleeping on satin pillowcases.

4. Prevent Bang Disasters With Duck Clips

Metal Gripper Clips, $5, Sally Beauty

Let's face it – bangs are very high maintenance. It seems as if they always need restyling. However, you can kick misbehaving bangs to the curb by sleeping in duck clips. According to, these clips are great for keeping your bangs out of your face while you sleep without leaving crimps and dents behind.

5. Go Big Or Go Home

The secret to waking up with fabulously undone waves is to create voluminous curls the night before. According to Vogue, the bigger, bolder curls will loosen as you sleep, so when you wake up, you're left with a more natural looking style.

6. Use Dry Shampoo Before You Sleep

Amy Sussman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Batiste Dry Shampoo (Pack of 2), $14, Amazon

Waking up with flat, oily strands is a complete bummer. In order to avoid that morning meltdown, try spraying dry shampoo in your hair before falling asleep. According to, the dry shampoo will help to soak up potential oils, while also maintaining your hair's volume.

7. Get Creative With Buns

BRB, doing this immediately!

8. Keep Your Curls In Place All Night Long

Get the most out of your curly hairstyle by making it last for another day. suggested spraying your ends with a medium hold hairspray, and then twisting your curls into two buns. This will help to fight off potential frizz, while keeping your style in place.

9. Use A Headband To Create Waves

How simple is that?!

10. Top It Off

If you want to add body and dimension to your hair, consider sleeping in a topknot. According to Allure, sleeping in a top knot is a great way to add a subtle wave to your hair, while providing volume and body.

11. Rock The Sock

Beautiful Hair Bun Makers, $7, Amazon

Give your hair subtle waves by rolling your ends into a sock bun before you fall asleep. Harper's Bazaar swears by the trick for overnight waves.

Now, that's what I call beauty sleep.

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