Blake & Gwen Killed It At The 2016 BBMAs

If you weren't already aboard the ship that is the S.S. Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton, let Shelton and Stefani's Billboard Music Awards performance of "Go Ahead And Break My Heart" be your first-class ticket. Let's face the facts: It's impossible not to love this couple, especially when the country singer already admitted that he wrote the track, in part, to impress Stefani. And though the actual lyrics of the song will rip your heart right outta your chest, the happy couple's upbeat, passionate performance of the tune will stitch that heart right back together, and afterwards it will probably grow 10 sizes that day. You know, just like the Grinch's heart in How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

In all seriousness, Shelton and Stefani's 2016 BBMAs performance of "Go Ahead And Break My Heart" is pretty much a microcosm of how they are as a couple. You would never expect that Stefani's distinct, ska vocals would blend so perfectly with Shelton's deep, gritty, country boy twang, but it works on this number. And not only does it work, it works well, exceeding expectations and flowing together beautifully. I may be getting a little philosophical here, but that's kind of an accurate representation of them as a couple, don't ya think?

Not only were the vocals on point, Stefani's dress needs to be discussed. Literally couldn't be more obsessed with that nude sparkler if I tried. It was the perfect show-stopper, a flowing romantic gown that so perfectly coincided with the all-too-evident romance between the couple. And let's talk about that look of love that Shelton had on his face throughout the whole thing and how they hugged at the end — couldn't be cuter even if they tried.