A Look Back at Natasha Richardson's Best Roles, 5 Years After Her Tragic Death

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There've been many tragic deaths in Hollywood over the last decade, but few have hit harder than the loss of Natasha Richardson back in 2009. The beloved actress's death from a freak head injury shocked the world and devastated her family, including husband Liam Neeson and the couple's two teenage sons. Now, nearly five years later, Neeson has spoken publicly for one of the first times about his wife's accident, revealing that the grief still hits him "like a wave," and that even now, Richardson's death still doesn't feel real.

It's a heartbreaking interview, and one can only imagine how painful it must be for Neeson to relive that tragic day, even all this time later. Hopefully, the actor can take comfort in knowing that his late wife's legacy still lives on, in the form of the films, TV shows, and Broadway productions.

In honor of Richardson's memory, let's take a look back at the actress's best, most memorable roles.

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