Graduation Hairstyles That Work Cap Or No Cap

by Alexa Dragoumis

Because of the inevitable thousands of photos that will be taken at this milestone event, you'll want to look amazing at graduation. And whether it's high school or college, you'll likely be wearing a cap and gown, but sometimes it's not always easy to know what graduation hairstyles look will look amazing with or without a cap. But don't worry, I've already thought about that and I have it covered for you!

I spent the last couple of hours scouring the Internet for the best graduation hair tutorials out there — and I assure you, all of them will look amazing even after you take off that cap and head to the after parties. So don't even waste your energy thinking about hat hair, because after you read this, it won't even be an issue!

While it's nice to have a little volume on top, you'll want to make sure that most of the texture (or the detail) is on the bottom, so you won't have to completely cover up a hairstyle you worked so hard to create. So braids, fishtails, low buns, and romantic waves or loose curls are all perfect choices for an event like this one.

And without further adieu, here are a few YouTubers who are totally ahead of the hair game.

1. For Long Hair

First of all, if you have mermaid hair like hers, I'm totally jealous! And if you love to wear your long locks down, this one's for you.

2. For Curly Hair

Sometimes, if you have a lot of volume, it can be tough to get that cap to lay just right, so here's the trick you need to know!

3. Graduation-Approved Braid/Side Ponytail

Absolutely love this fishtail!

4. For Short Hair

Sometimes, it can be hard to know what to do with short hair besides just wear it straight. But luckily, this YouTuber has a few ideas that aren't cookie cutter!

5. For Natural Hair

Here are a very super glam natural hair options that will look great with or without a cap, even on the most humid of days.

6. Romantic Curls

If you wanted a hair AND makeup tutorial all in one, this is the video you'll need to see. This look is beautiful, while still remaining pretty natural!

7. Bohemian Fishtail/Beach Waves

Besides the fact that Amber Fillerup (otherwise known as Barefoot Blond) is queen of all things hair, this braid is a statement that won't get in the way of your cap.

8. Chic, Low Bun

Let's face it, the weather is starting to break, so if you'd prefer to pull your locks back due to the dreaded frizz caused by humidity (or just to avoid sweating even more in your robe) I don't blame you! Plus, the face framing pieces in the front keep this style modern and sexy.

9. Princess, Half Updo

Since this style lays flat in the back, it should keep your hair out of you face without interfering too much with your cap.

10. The Two-Minute Bun

For all my no-fuss ladies out there, this one is for you!

11. Kardashian-Inspired Low Pony

All I have to say is... classic!

So, get busy watching and get ready to kiss your Alma Mater goodbye (or "see you later") in style!

Images: Pixabay/MariaGodfrida