What Do Ariana Grande's "Greedy" Lyrics Mean?

We've all been spending our day listening to Dangerous Woman from top to bottom, right? And now we're on our third or so listen and ready to analyze Ariana Grande's "Greedy" lyrics? Great, same page. The song is the seventh track on Grande's third studio album, and, even though she has an impressive list of guest artists with whom she collaborated on the album, on this song, Grande is flying solo. From the name of the song alone, I might've guessed "Greedy" was about money or an ex who had some bad characteristics, but just a few seconds into the bouncy beat, and it's clear that in this case, being greedy is a good thing.

The song seems to be about Grande herself being greedy — and specifically greedy for love. She describes a relationship in which it sounds like she's been trying to hold herself back and be chill, but she can't take it any longer, and needs to tell the guy how she feels.

Boy, you give me feelings, never felt beforeI'm making it obvious by knocking at your doorI know that I'm coming tonightYou know I'm coming tonightDon't want to deny it anymore

Unlike the negative coupling Grande references in "Leave Me Lonely," the guy she's with in "Greedy" seems to be good people, and she's ready to acknowledge the depth of her feelings for him.

Baby, you got lucky cause you're rocking with the bestAnd I'm greedyCause I'm so greedyCause I'm soI ain't talking money, I'm just physically obsessed

I'm sure we all recognize what Grande is talking about here; that sensation at the beginning of something new, where you just want to be around the person all the time. I love that she makes it clear that her obsession has nothing to do with a feeling of inadequacy on her part, with the line "you're rocking with the best," just that she thinks this dude is hot and she's gonna go for it.

I don't need a phone callGot nothing to sayI'ma tell you when it's overGot no games to play

IT'S ON. That's the best moment, when you can stop playing games, and just be like, "Hey. I'm into you." (No pun intended with the name of another Grande track, there.) There does also seem to be a definite sexual element to the song as well, like Grande has been holding off on getting physical with this guy until she made up her mind, and now she's there, and she can't wait any longer.

You know that I'm coming tonightI know I'm coming tonightI just need to get this out the way, oh baby!

All in all, a very catch, flirty, kind of sexy song about that butterfly feeling in your stomach when you can't wait to see the other person. Love it.