Hard Candy's Nostalgic Polish Line Is Coming Soon

The saying "they don't make them like they used to" just got a whole lot less meaningful, because Hard Candy is bringing back the nail polishes with rings that were so iconic in the '90s. The company is releasing the nostalgic line just in time for summer, but there's only one place you'll be able to snag the colorful nail finds.

There is nothing I love more than '90s beauty favorites coming back into the stores. Something about owning the same beauty product as an adult that you coveted in middle school just seems so right. Thankfully, it looks like Hard Candy feels the same way. The beauty company (which hasn't gone anywhere btw) is bringing back some of its most popular shades — like Mint, Oh So Pretty, and Sky — just in time for everyone to coat their strands with Sun-In, turn on some Britney Spears, and go paint their nails by the pool. After you're done you can slip on your matching plastic ring and go hit the mall.

There's only one place you'll be able to buy the OG polishes though. The throwback colors are coming to Walmart in stores and online on June 1. Time to clean out the Caboodle, and make room for these new-old nail hues.

While some of these iconic colors are selling for as much as $24 a piece elsewhere online, you'll be happy to know that these shades will only be $4 each at your local Walmart. That means you can skip the online shopping and save your money for more throwback staples. Maybe a new pair of jelly shoes to go with your '90s pedicure?

According to PopSugar, the last time the company brought back these throwback polishes back from the grave was in April 2015. There's no telling how long this collection will be around, so you might want to snag the beauty items up while you still can.

I don't know about you, but I'm excited already!

Images: Courtesy Hard Candy