The Olsens' The Row Store Is Design Goals

by Sienna Fantozzi

In their latest achievement running their own fashion empires, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen opened their first The Row store in New York City, as reported by Vogue, and as gorgeous as the clothes are, the store itself is seriously stunning. Not that I had any doubts about their capabilities with interior design, but it's total goals.

After running several successful fashion lines over the years, it seems long overdue for the Olsens to open their first store in Manhattan, and they finally did on Tuesday morning in a three-story townhouse. Now given how much attention to detail they pay to their intricate and perfectly tailored clothing, you knew their interior design would be good, but this is an entirely higher level. Designer stores can often feel stuffy and pretentious, but that wasn't the intent of this one. Instead, it's meant to feel welcoming and warm — but it's still totally chic and polished, of course.

"Having lived in New York now for 12 years, we wanted the store to very much feel like a home — that’s sort of the dream of here: a brownstone in New York. There’s a fantasy to that, and I think bringing that fantasy to reality in a way that everyone can enjoy is a really nice thing," Ashley Olsen told Vogue. From the looks of it, they definitely accomplished that.

There is nothing cold or corporate from the exterior — it looks like a home.

Well, a very expensive home. But check these close-ups of the inside:

It's like an entryway, and definitely feels more welcoming than a typical stark retail store.

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The design feels sleek and minimalist, much like their clothing, with a less-is-more approach that helps to keep it feeling timeless, and not too stuffy or over done. And if you really love any of the decor you see in it, you can probably buy it!

"We have a lot of people who want to display their art or collaborations that can utilize these little suites. Everything is for sale, so it will be forever changing. Even in Los Angeles, it constantly rotates. It’s like your house — you tweak it, you add things, you take away things," Mary-Kate said.

Maybe a home collection should be in the works next? Just throwing it out there.