Don't Look Drunk In Your St. Paddy's Day Pics!

St. Paddy's Day is coming, and surely you're going to take a ton of pictures of your debaucherous celebrations and post them on all of your social media feeds. But, more often than not, you'll take a look at those photos and start voraciously clicking the "untag" button with a battle cry of, "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, I LOOK SO DRUNK!" and "I did not know that my face could look like a dinosaur."

There are approaches to partying hard without bringing to mind the phrase "hot mess." Here are ways to avoid looking totally tipsy in your St. Paddy's Day photos — you'll seem so composed, you may not even need to use a filter.

1. Get A Picture When Your Favorite Song Is On

Even when you're not drunk, listening to your favorite song can improve the photo-taking experience, dispensing with the usual stiff awkwardness. America's Next Top Model judge and photographer Nigel Barker advises folks to think of their favorite party song — so if you're already dancing and having a great time, you'll probably already look good.

2. Take Pics Early In The Night

Barker says that the biggest problems with people who are getting the photo-treatment is that they're too uptight and stiff. A little bit o' loose (or, the right fraction of tipsy) can help you ease up when you're getting photographed. A lot of tips Barker gives like flirting with the camera, smizing (hey, Tyra) — you may be able to execute fiercely after your first beer (or whiskey). So many of us become feisty sirens under the influence of one beverage, and then sloppy non-sirens after two…so try to snap the moment early on!

3. Just Don't Pose For Photos When Wasted

…Unless you want photo documentation of you fighting off the obvious drunkenness. Nothing looks drunker than "No way! I'm not drunk!" Don't force photos once you've hit your moment of glory/failure. Let candids happen, or duck out of the frame once you've hit double-vision territory.

4. Hide Behind Your Friend

The easiest way to not look drunk your pics? Not to be seen at all! This is fail-proof (but kinda sad when you look back at pictures), so find a buddy, or a pole, or a bar, or a door to disguise yourself behind.

5. Embrace Your Decision, And Just HAVE FUN!!

You know what looks the best in photos? Insatiable, absolute JOY — drunken or sober! Happy people who are genuinely having fun resonate "HOT" in photos. Looking back on pics where you remember that you had a fun night (whether you remember the specifics or not) is way better than looking back on pics where you're like, "What was so important about that awkward pic of me standing alone cross-eyed but somehow holding two drinks in my hand?"