Connie Britton And Hillary Clinton Posted An Insta

by Abby Johnston

Y'all. Or, in Tami Taylor parlance, y'aaaaaaaall: Everyone's favorite TV mom, noted feminist, and red-haired goddess Connie Britton snapped an Instagram selfie with Hillary Clinton in Austin, Texas, on Friday, and It. Is. Everything. The Friday Night Lights and Nashville star apparently met Clinton for the first time on Friday night, and judging by the photo and lengthy caption that she posted on Saturday morning, she was totally geeking about the experience. But not only did Britton bless us with an amazing Insta, but she also dropped some sage advice about this election cycle. Tami Taylor always gives the best advice.

Back in April 2015, only a few weeks after Clinton had announced her campaign, The Hill caught up with Britton to ask her about her old pal and roommate, New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, and who she would support for the 2016 election. Although she at first demurred, saying that it was too early to throw her support behind a particular candidate, she eventually admitted that she was Team Hillary.

So it's not surprising, then, that Britton would make the trip to Austin to support Clinton, who was in town for a fundraising event hosted by the city's mayor. Clinton, apparently prepped for her meeting with Britton (or maybe just Texas donors in general), presented Britton with a "Hillary y'all" button. GAH.

In her extended caption, Britton went all fangirl on Clinton: "I got to sit down and talk with her, and felt her humanity as a mother and a working woman, and, most importantly, a woman who is genuinely dedicated to the ideals and values of the people of this country."

But beyond that, Britton subtly took a dig at Donald Trump all while asking us to take our civic duties seriously (I think the "y'all" was implied at the end):

Please. Let's focus. And get back to those ideals. Because we are all so fortunate to live in the United States and with that comes a responsibility. Take this election seriously. Get the facts. And remember the greatness of this country. We are a country of intelligence and compassion, not fear and bullying. This is a crucial time for us to reclaim that for ourselves.

I don't know why anyone would be surprised that Britton could deliver a heartfelt call to arms via Instagram. All we need is a "clear eyes, full hearts" and Hillary might, well, you know.